How to Improve Last Mile Package Delivery

Last Mile Package Delivery


E-commerce, drop shipping, BOPIS, click and collect, last mile package delivery – there are all sorts of buzzwords surrounding online shopping, but this is no passing trend. For many consumers, buying products and services on their computers, tablets or smartphones is a regular part of day-to-day activities. So, is this the beginning of the end for traditional brick and mortar stores? Not necessarily. Today’s savvy retailers are using smart lockers for retailers to embrace the magnitude of e-commerce, improve the last mile delivery, bolster their omnichannel strategy and get their share of all that spending.

So Just How Big Is Online Shopping?

Let’s take Amazon for example. Since its inception in 1994, Amazon has grown to become an online shopping monolith with over 300 million users and 2 million sellers worldwide. It employs over 640,000 people and, in 2018 alone, the estimated Amazon sales topped $230 billion. This all adds up to a staggering amount of online spending, and highlights the need to improve costly and unreliable delivery services with smart solutions like Snaile parcel lockers for retailers.

Here’s how a brick-and-mortar store can use smart locker solutions to streamline or even eliminate last mile delivery, and cash in on the hot online shopping market:

    1. Set up a website that makes it easy for consumers to browse and buy.
    2. Install smart lockers so those same consumers can easily pick up their purchase
    3. That’s it!

Putting The Brakes On The Last Mile

Internet shoppers love the concept of buying online and picking up in store, without waiting days or even weeks for delivery. With parcel lockers for retailers available on site there are no last mile concerns, because the items are either already in stock, or they’re shipped by the manufacturer or warehouse to the retail outlet. Either way, there is no home delivery involved. The customer simply comes to the store to pick up their purchase from a secure automated locker system. There are no keys, no frustrating time limits, and no additional delivery costs for the consumer. Plus, with smart lockers located outside the store, customers are able to pick up their purchases whenever it suits their schedule, day or night, so to never miss a home delivery or have it stolen from the porch – called porch pirates.

From one-person start-ups to international chain stores, there are smart locker solutions for every type of retail location. It’s a brilliant way to securely store perishables such as flowers, groceries or even prepared foods until they can be picked up, and services like dry cleaners and repair shops can benefit from the ease and convenience of smart lockers. Pharmacies are now able to offer their patients privacy and the option to pick up their prescriptions in store without the long and sometimes uncomfortable wait.

Snaile parcel lockers for retailers are fully customizable to work seamlessly with your existing location. There is a range of sizes and colour options available, they can integrate with your existing security system and come with unbeatable 24-7 customer support.

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