Digital Lockers: Saving Opportunities for Commercial Properties

Of all the things tenants and commercial properties owners are faced with in a post-pandemic world, one of the most pressing ones is package management. The labour forces of many businesses are returning to commercial properties, and while restrictions may have been eased, they have not yet been totally eliminated in businesses that want to exercise caution. Social distancing measures may remain to some degree, which could impact things like receiving, shipping, logging, and distributing tenant packages. Many commercial property managers would be wise to incorporate use of an outdoor parcel locker.

Digital Lockers: Saving Opportunities for Commercial Properties

Digital Lockers Offer Smart Solutions to Package Management

Throughout the pandemic, more and more property owners, commercial operations and retailers have experimented with smart lockers systems. Whether that means commercial parcel lockers in Toronto or commercial parcel lockers in Winnipeg, commercial managers discovered the versatility and convenience of implementing parcel lockers systems into their package management strategies. Investing in tech-forward, contact-free solutions is simply good business for commercial property owners, as it can help provide a safter environment for tenants while reducing costs and improving distribution of packages.

In modern distribution departments mailrooms have all seen an increase in package distribution, and those numbers are going to continue to grow. In a commercial property with a dozen businesses operating on the property, for example, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to see 750 to 1,000 packages roll through every single day.

Without proper strategies in place, such an area can be chaos. Implementing a system that includes an outdoor parcel locker could help alleviate the crush and make it much easier for tenants and customers to access their packages. Smart lockers are simply a great package management solution for business commercial areas along with college campuses, office towers and large retailer operations.

Increasing operational efficiency is easier when commercial lockers are incorporated into the package delivery system. Safety and tracking of packaging is critical, and with the volume of couriers and delivery companies dropping packages off to commercial buildings there is bound to be missing packages.

Consumers are demanding greater convenience for their packages but also safe, secure access. Smart lockers provide contact free delivery options that are affordable and easy to manage. In fact, companies using commercial parcel lockers in Toronto eliminated the lengthy process of accepting, logging, sorting and distributing employee packages, saving employees up to 24 hours of staff time a week. Delivery times were cut by nearly 80 percent, while theft and missing package stats went way down.

Work with Snaile to Develop Quick, Easy, and Safe Package Retrieval

Smart lockers provide a higher level of security for deliveries and shipments. Through use of a simple unique code, automated parcel lockers help improve the flow of packages in and out of a commercial building. Snaile Lockers is a top name in the manufacture of digital storage lockers. Check out our product line by visiting our website.

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