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Commercial smart lockers


Parcel locker solutions for Canadian commercial buildings and co-working spaces to accept employee & tenant deliveries.

As technology progresses and business practices change, commercial building security is more important than ever before. Snaile Lockers offers Canada’s most secure locker solution to allow parcel deliveries to be held in a secure location instead of delivery people having free access to office tower floors.

A Smart Investment

E-commerce has greatly impacted how we do business, and has brought about new security challenges and more reasons to protect your people and your product. Industrial-grade Snaile commercial smart lockers can protect the flow of incoming and outgoing supplies & merchandise, employee online orders, enhance the overall security of your staff and operations, and increase your bottom line by eliminating staff involvement in deliveries.

Commercial Locker Solutions

From small BTB start-ups to international corporations, every business requires the security of intelligent parcel lockers. By installing Snaile electronic parcel lockers in mailrooms, delivery & distribution areas and co-working spaces, your management, staff and customers will all benefit from a more consistent, secure and reliable flow of deliveries, 24/7.

Canadian-made, fully integrated, compliant with Canada’s PIPEDA laws and available in multiple dimensions and configurations, there are commercial smart locker solutions available for every size business and every industry:

  • Parcel Storage Locker
  • Courier Locker
  • Outdoor Parcel Locker
  • Commercial Parcel Locker
commercial smart locker

Commercial Smart parcel lockers

Smart parcel lockers that reside inside or outside that:

  • Allows for automated receiving of all inbound deliveries
  • Allows for automated pickup by recipient of their deliveries
  • Deliveries can be parcels, perishables, dry cleaning…

Why Do We Need Snaile Parcel Lockers?


DELIVERIESIn Canada parcel shipping volume grew only 1.6 percent to 550 million in 2015

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MillennialsIn 2016 Millennials became the largest cohort of Canada workers. Millennials prefer to shop online

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Parcel volume           

PARCEL volumeIn 2017 Canada Post Domestic Parcels volumes grew by 32 million pieces (22.3%)

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67% of Millennials 56% of Gen Xers 41% of Baby Boomers 28% of Senior
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Lockers for Canadian Application

Carrier Workflow

Recipient Workflow

Go-Live Program

Snaile is the only Canadian parcel locker company that provides on-site Customer Integration Specialists for the first few days of going live. By helping carriers and parcel recipients to familiarize themselves with lockers and typical usage scenarios, nothing is left to chance. Call centre web & phone support is typically initiated after Snaile turns on the locker installation and completes its unique on-site, hands-on implementation program.

Go-Live Program
On-site Snaile Customer Integration Specialist

Cloud Locker

Hosted in Canada at Amazon Web Services or at Microsoft Azure with off-site data backups, the SnaileCloud allows you to view delivery histories, recipient usage, issued passcodes and compartment status (idle, in use, content detected…) You can also open up any compartment remotely if you need to override the passcode system. For employee accountability Snaile keeps a full history of your company’s logins by user and the transactions each employee has made, i.e. the concierge opened a compartment remotely.

Open API

Snaile’s open application program interface (API) allows for easy integration to your property management systems creating an instant link between the parcel locker’s directory of municipal delivery addresses and tenant electronic contact information. Snaile has already integrated with popular systems like Yardi, Condo Control Central & 1VALET.

Revenue Generation

Buildings that choose to charge for parcel locker use can collect tenant usage fees automatically through the Snaile billing engine.

Revenue Generation




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