Buy Online Pick up In Store Lockers: an Enhanced Online Shopping Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the nature of shopping. In addition to increasing the volume of online sales many times over, it has also created a few completely new trends.

Touchless BOPIS Lockers

The BOPIS Solution (short for Buy Online Pick up In Store) is a new hybrid trend that serves as an extremely convenient crossover between online and instore shopping.

When people buy items online, they don’t have to leave their homes, but once they receive the items, they may find them disappointing. Sizes, colours or quality may not be quite right, and the return process via mail is far from simple.

For the seller, this carries the losses of refunding customers and then reshelving or discarding valuable inventory. Not to mention the loss that a brand takes with each negative review.

Buying in the store however, even now that retail is back in operation after lockdowns are lifted, is still not without its drawbacks. Consumers have to travel, deal with traffic and parking issues, spend time and gas, never certain they will find what they are looking for. This leaves brick and mortar retail at a disadvantage.

Installing Touchless BOPIS Lockers, such as those produced by industry leader Snaile, changes the game dramatically.

A buyer with this option at their fingertips gets to enjoy the best of both worlds.

With BOPIS Lockers in place, a shopper gets all the benefits of online shopping, such as being able to compare brands and products before committing to any one, being certain inventory is sufficient at a specific location, etc.

But then the real game changer happens.

Instead of waiting for the items to ship to them, buyers travel a short distance to the BOPIS Lockers installed in a retail location and pick them up there.

The benefits are almost too many to count but let’s go over the big ones:

  1. No shipping cost makes the purchase more attractive to buyers over competitors.
  2. No wait time. The buyer is not left in the dark and chooses their own pick-up time.
  3. No risk of items being misplaced, misdelivered, stolen or damaged along the way.
  4. No need for a complex and costly return process. Returns are processed in store.
  5. No additional in-store personnel is needed since most of the transaction happens online.

With consumers becoming increasingly discerning and shopping trends evolving at breakneck speeds, customer satisfaction is a daily struggle. BOPIS Lockers allow a retailer to cast a wider net and accommodate a growing segment of buyers who prefer to shop online and then pick up in store.

The increase in revenue that this seemingly small addition has brought is considerable and cannot be ignored. And the benefits it brings in terms of operational ease and reduction of costs make it all the more attractive.

For more information about how BOPIS Solution options can boost your retail business, contact Snaile – Canada’s Parcel Locker Company .

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