Ideas to maximize office storage space

If there was a positive to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic it was that businesses and office managers had time to rethink their office spaces. The fact that offices were generally empty while employees worked from home meant there was time to do a real analysis of the use of space. Maximizing that space as employees migrated back into the office has often included use of self service lockers.

Ideas to maximize office storage space

Smart Digital Lockers Are Helping to Reshape the Work Space

Smart lockers for office use have become a norm in many companies that have completed the process of determining the best layout for both their employees and utilization of space for storage. There’s no question corporate offices need storage space, with everything from tax records to HR files to office equipment taking up valuable space. With many companies downsizing the actual number of people they have in the office versus working from home, space has become a valuable commodity. It’s a key reason why self-service lockers have become so commonplace.

Snaile Lockers Canada has developed a comprehensive line of office storage space solutions using intelligent lockers that can be customized to suit any office environment. These can offer basic storage options for things like personal belongings while at work to complex systems that facilitate the distribution of sensitive files and IT equipment including company computers and shared mobile devices like satellite phones. These lockers are easily incorporated in company policies for the distribution, pickup and delivery of equipment and packages.

Such lockers provide companies with secure ways to control inventories of things that can often disappear from a workplace, like office supplies or small items being manufactured by the company. These measures are often necessary in companies where theft is a common occurrence.

Self service lockers integrate digital technology into the workplace in a quick and seamless fashion. They can also help eliminate the often chaotic situation in mail rooms where there are large volumes of packages coming and going on a daily basis. Smart digital lockers offer companies and staff a much more manageable solution to track and distribute mail, packages, and receivables. The digital technology available in smart lockers for office use is simple, which users being given unique codes that can be used to open lockers at a time that’s convenient for the recipient.

Maximizing office space requires more than just a smart locker system, but such systems can provide a foundational change in the way offices manage storage space for all employees. Whether it’s personal or company assets, such lockers provide security and peace of mind storage 24/7. It’s an innovative way to improve office storage solutions in companies where space is a ledger line that needs to be controlled. Rents are a reality for many companies, so integrating the right equipment to maximize storage space while minimizing costs is simply good business.

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