Why Use Digital Lockers for Medication Delivery at Pharmacies?

Of all the products that can be purchased online for pickup or delivery, medical prescriptions are something that requires the utmost in security on the road to reaching its recipient. Prescriptions can literally be life-saving, which makes any process that improves their security equally life-saving. It’s a reason why many Canadian pharmacies are looking to adopt the use of retail smart lockers.

Why Use Digital Lockers for Medication Delivery at Pharmacies

Tops Reasons to Acquire Smart Lockers for Pharmacy Use

In the unfortunate event that your pharmacy is closed before you’ve had a chance to pick up your prescription, there’s not much you can do except wait for it to reopen. With lockers for pharmacy use, that scenario wouldn’t happen. With the installation of Snaile retail smart lockers, no customer has to suffer the inconvenience of having to make another trip to pick up a prescription.

It’s been a simple integration for many pharmacies that have chosen to implement the Snaile system to facilitate the pick up of prescriptions. The process begins with the installation of Snaile lockers in a place that can be publicly accessed 24 hours a day. Customers would then have to provide their consent for the contactless smart locker pick-up when they fill their prescription, either during an in-person consultation or over the phone. This is the best option for customers who prefer to retrieve their order directly from a smart locker rather than waiting in line at the counter during the pharmacy’s regular business hours.

To help protect and ensure patient privacy, no customer names are ever entered into the Snaile systems. To keep anonymity, a pharmacist would instead use the customer’s email or mobile phone number to create an anonymous transaction number linked to a unique barcode. To complete the transaction, a pharmacist or customer service reps would scan the barcode to open a smart locker. Once the order is placed inside and the door is closed, a customer will receive an automated message containing a PIN or QR code that they can use to retrieve the order at a time that is convenient to them. There is no waiting or having to get to the pharmacy before the doors close; with retail smart lockers, it’s really all about customer experience, security, and convenience.

Ask Your Pharmacy About Lockers for Pharmacy Use

One of the best reasons for implementing such a system is that retail smart lockers allow the pharmacist to constantly track the prescription. If it isn’t picked up in sufficient time, a pharmacist can call a patient to inquire if they’re okay or unable to pick up the prescription. While Snaile smart lockers can’t be used for medications that need to be kept cold, there are refrigerated smart lockers available. Whether you’re a first-time pharmacy customer or someone seeking refills of a critical medication, these smart lockers offer a simple, secure way to get your prescription outside of regular business hours.

Consider the benefits of smart lockers for pharmacy use. Visit Snaile Lockers online and learn more.

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