The Digital Locker: The New Must-Have Technology for All Businesses

Every so often an innovative product comes along that helps businesses better serve employees and customers. Parcel lockers that combine new digital technologies with traditional storage solutions are one of those recent business innovations. Improving a storage locker may seem as unlikely as improving a mousetrap, and yet Snaile Lockers has found a way to do it with their customizable smart locker.

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Why Should Businesses Adopt Smart Locker Systems?

Smart lockers in Toronto have become more commonplace for package pick-up and delivery and it’s easy to see why. A smart locker can provide secure, centralized, trackable, contact-free package drop-off and pick-up virtually anywhere in the city.

Snaile Lockers are already found in pharmacies such as London Drugs and other leading pharmacies, retail stores such as UPS Stores and malls such as Aberdeen Mall, school campuses such York University and Vancouver Island University and shared office buildings and organizations such as the Ontario Power Generation, Laval Police and Global Affairs Canada. What do all those businesses know that yours doesn’t?

Here are a few of the primary reasons why a digital smart locker is must-have technology for businesses in any sector

  • The most obvious reason is that smart locker systems provide secure package storage far beyond the traditional locker unit. Upon delivery, a package is placed into a smart locker and the recipient of the package instantly receives a secure access code via text or email. That individual simply inputs the code at the time they arrive to pick up their package. The lockers protect valuable packages against theft because only the recipient has access to the one-time code to open the compartment containing their goods. It’s a safe and secure way to facilitate package deliveries.
  • Smart locker systems help reduce delivery charges for your business. Sometimes the cost of providing hand-delivery of packages can be astronomically high. Right now, for example, gas prices are surging to record heights, which adds a considerable financial burden to people sending packages. By providing a centralized location where customers can come pick up their packages in a safe, secure environment at a time that suits their schedule, retailers can offer another layer of convenience to their customers. Your store doesn’t even have to be open; using outdoor smart lockers allows consumers to collect their orders even outside of business hours.
  • Companies using smart lockers in Toronto appreciate the ease in which they can track all their incoming packages. Consumers also enjoy this convenience. Companies can rely on accurate, up-to-the-minute logs to track packages and know their whereabouts at all times.
  • As COVID-19 measures continue to fluctuate, retailers can continue to offer contact-free pick-up indefinitely. Recipients waiting for packages can fulfill their own orders by entering their unique codes on the locker’s terminal screen or by scanning a QR Code sent directly to their mobile device to unlock the locker. Social distancing is maintained, there’s no need for customer interaction with retail staff, and pick-up can be completed at a time that’s entirely convenient for the customer. It’s a fantastic way to provide another customer service option for retailers and businesses in all sectors.

Trust Snaile Locker Technology for Your Smart Locker Solutions

Top-quality, Canadian-made Snaile Lockers are changing the way businesses handle package deliveries and BOPIS or click-and-collect options. Learn more about our products and the variety of customizable solutions available. Visit our website.

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