How Parcel Lockers Improve Last-Mile Delivery

Last-Mile Delivery

The way retailers are selling – and the way consumers are buying – has changed dramatically in recent years. Online purchases are leading the way in commerce and secure, last-mile delivery solutions are in high demand. The new trend in smart locker service is an important final step in the secure delivery of parcels for online buyers.

Traditional parcel delivery systems are inefficient and expensive. The sheer volume of online purchases now being processed and delivered has increased exponentially and the costs of having employees to physically deliver every parcel are more than most retailers and delivery services would like to carry. With smart locker solutions, retailers can now bridge the gap between transport and consumer and provide cost-effective and secure last-mile delivery for all types of goods.

Accessible 24-7

No one likes having to wait around to sign for a delivery, or returning home to find that a parcel left by the door has been damaged or stolen. Consumers want the security of professional delivery service, but also demand the convenience of retrieving parcels according to their busy schedules. This is why more and more retailers, services and even restaurants are using smart lockers solutions for their last-mile deliveries. This unique system allows customers to retrieve parcels by entering a one-time PIN on a secure keypad or by scanning a QR code. With additional features such as bright lighting and on-site video cameras, consumers can feel safe and confident when picking up packages at any time of the day or night.

Guaranteed Delivery

There is really no way to guarantee that a package delivered to a lobby or placed by a doorway will make it to the buyer in top condition, because such delivery practices leave packages susceptible to damage by weather, careless neighbours and passersby, and, of course, wide open to theft. Security cameras in an apartment lobby or by a front door may help to identify culprits, but cannot prevent damage or theft from happening in the first place. An automated parcel locker service gives retailers and delivery companies the confidence of knowing that the parcel will make it from the source to the customer in good form. Using this type of service is easy and foolproof for delivery personnel and consumers alike because the package can only be locked away and then retrieved by way of a secure compartment with a secure and unique PIN. Furthermore, these indestructible locker solutions are built using tamper-proof materials and installed with state-of-the-art lighting, cameras and components. Smart locker solutions are virtually impossible to break into or damage and are the best way to guarantee safe delivery of any type of parcel or package.

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