Secure Retail Transfer with Digital Locker System

Surviving COVID as a retailer took equal parts patience and innovation. The patience was required to give both retailers and consumers time to adjust to the realities created by COVID policies related to social distancing. Innovation was the guiding force of successful retailers who had to abandon old ideas to embrace the new. One of the innovative tools’ retailers incorporated into their business was the use of contactless lockers in Winnipeg.

Secure Retail Transfer with Digital Locker System

Why Retailers Are Turning to Touchless Parcel Lockers

Finding new ways to facilitate the retail transaction at bricks and mortar locations was necessary to help stem the tide of people relying solely on online shopping delivered right to the home. With the introduction of contactless parcel delivery solutions retailers now have a way to make it super convenient and safe for people to pick up their purchases direct from the stores where they shop. Adapting to contactless lockers Winnipeg retailers have a new way to ensure the safe transfer of goods and other merchandise from source to its destination without involving anyone or at least a minimum number of people.

Using contactless lockers and secure locker systems, both staff and consumers remain protected from potentially risky person to person interaction while ensuring the safe transfer of goods. Touchless parcel lockers help facilitate the BOPIS shopping experience – the buy online pick up in store transaction – that gives consumers the option and convenience of collecting their purchase based on their own schedule. The process is simple. A shopper will make and order online and pay for their purchases through a business’s ecommerce portal on their website. Store staff gather the purchases, pack them, and then place the order in a separately assigned touchless locker located either inside or outside of their store; if they don’t have a store, they can use a third-party smart locker location. Once this is complete, a notification is sent to the consumer through a text message or email, or possibly through an APP if the building is integrated with a data company. The notification that the customer will receive will include a one-time access code, compartment number and barcode option for their collection.

All a customer must do is make it to the locker at their own convenience, enter the scannable code or PIN – that allows them to open the locker. A notification is then sent to the store that the package has been delivered. Contactless lockers eliminate the need for people to interact during a pandemic or any other time; customers can pick up their purchases 24-7 if the lockers are in a location that can be easily accessed in the off hours.

Snaile Lockers Help Retailers Streamline Their Business

By using online options and touchless parcel lockers businesses can provide another layer of service and convenience to customers. Snaile Lockers manufacturers a variety of contactless parcel delivery solutions that can be incorporated into any retail operation. Learn more. Visit Snaile online!

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