Cut Parcel Delivery Time with Smart Locker Solutions

As growth in the e-commerce industry continues to skyrocket, more and more retailers, businesses, and property managers are relying on the convenience and security of smart locker solutions.

smart locker solutions

In office buildings, for example, electronic locker solutions provide convenient access for both delivery and office personnel. With these lockers in place, there is no need for employees to leave the workspace in order to accept a package, and no need for couriers to search out a recipient or wait for a signature. But, there is much more to these smart parcel locker solutions than just convenience –they are major time-savers as well.

Reduce Dwell Time

Delivery personnel and payroll staff know all too well how frustrating and expensive it can be when the idle hours add up over the course of the day. “Dwell Time” is the time that a worker spends on the job, but inactive – for example, waiting for a parking spot to open up or sitting by the loading dock waiting for staff to load or unload parcels. Smart parcel locker solutions provide a designated, one-stop drop-off/pick-up point, eliminating the need to find parking or even wait at a loading ramp.

Replacing Door-to-Door Deliveries

Research has indicated that by replacing traditional floor-to-floor, door-to-door deliveries with smart locker solutions, the courier service was able to reduce parcel delivery times by up to 78%. By delivering to a smart locker instead of the customer directly, courier staff no longer need to park the vehicle, go into the building, find the recipient, and wait for a signature.

Eliminating Failed Deliveries

The same study showed that there were zero undelivered parcels with the use of electronic locker solutions. Traditional delivery service, however, resulted in seven failed deliveries. These could be the result of stolen packages, misplaced parcels, or being unable to find someone to sign for the delivery.

Security & Convenience

Companies such as Snaile Parcel Lockers are bringing much-needed security, organization, and relief to work-weary building superintendents and property managers. That’s because having a bank of retail, residential, or commercial locker solutions on-site provides a safe place for last-mile deliveries of online purchases, groceries, take-out meals, dry cleaning, and more. Parcel storage lockers are secure, easy to use, and can be closely monitored for security and cleaning schedules.

Smart parcel locker solutions are safe, secure, convenient, and can reduce delivery time by up to 78%. Snaile Parcel Lockers offers smart locker solutions that are perfect for any commercial, industrial, retail, or residential space. Even schools and hospitals depend on Snaile Lockers for unmatched quality and product support. Discover how Canadian-made Snaile locker solutions can reduce parcel delivery times and make life safer and more convenient for your staff, residents, or customers.

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