Smart Lockers: The Solution for Your Last-Mile Delivery

The trend of implementing touchless intelligent lockers in Vancouver, as well as in other cities across Canada, is quickly picking up speed as retailers are discovering the tremendous advantages that this upgrade brings to their business.

Smart Digital Lockers

The primary reason online shopping was so attractive for buyers to begin with, is the incomparable convenience it offers. The sheer magic of hitting a button and then getting the purchases delivered to your door, as well as the competitive customer pricing it allows retailers thanks to reduced costs, made it the main way of doing business for many companies. The pandemic causing stores to close boosted this trend from a convenience to a necessity and turned online shopping into a universal phenomenon.

However, it has always had its drawbacks compared to in-store shopping. Items cannot be touched and tried on for size. Colours are approximations and the quality is often anybody’s guess. Before implementing smart digital lockers for in-store pickup of online purchases retailers often lost significant amounts of revenue on returns.

In addition to the cost savings for retailers — both on deliveries and the personnel required for full-scale, traditional brick-and-mortar stores — contactless outdoor parcel locker systems are a truly imperative upgrade for a business in this new age of e-commerce. Here are just a few of the other key benefits they offer:

Simple Return Process

As mentioned, returns can be a hassle and an expense for both the buyer and seller. In cases where the method of pickup involves smart digital lockers, however, returns are made simple and hassle free. When the buyer picks up their items, they can examine them and, if dissatisfied, leave them in the same locker from which they collected them. No need to mail them back at either party’s expense and go through long wait-times for refunds or store credit.

Zero Items Lost in Transit

Items being lost or damaged in transit are another reason for lost revenue. Cutting out the delivery company or simplifying their route from direct delivery to the contactless outdoor parcel locker location makes this stage both safer and less expensive. No more misspelled street names, wrong postal codes or parcels stolen from the front porch. Items are all delivered to the same central location and each one is placed in a secure, stainless steel industrial-grade compartment that can only be accessed via the confidential PIN or QR code sent exclusively to the parcel’s recipient.

Convenience and Speed

This is a huge selling point for buyers who want to buy online but don’t want to wait for items to be shipped and delivered. Some stores can be a short drive away but online purchases may take weeks to arrive due to the complexity of the distribution process. Compare this to the ease of driving over and accessing a contactless outdoor parcel locker at your convenience and it becomes obvious why so many shoppers have come to prefer this pickup method.

Sanitation and Security

Last but not least – and this point is still very relevant in the ongoing COVID situation — limiting the distribution chain to fewer points of contact, and, most importantly, offering touch-free pickup makes things safer for all involved.

In short, smart digital lockers offer the best of all worlds, providing savings, security and convenience to all parties, making them a vital addition to any online business and retail store.

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