How Smart Lockers are Impacting the Standard Delivery Process

Smart Locker Systems were beginning to crop up even before the global pandemic. But now, with physical distancing guidelines still in place, the demand for Contactless Parcel Storage Lockers is exploding and the smart parcel locker is fast-becoming a ubiquitous staple across the country.

Parcel Storage Lockers

They serve as the perfect middle-ground between online and in-store shopping and tick all the boxes in both worlds. This smart-tech solution vastly improves last-mile logistics and makes e-commerce transactions a lot more convenient and secure for both retailers and their valued customers.

Even now, with most retail locations back to – or nearing – full-scale, pre-pandemic operations, many shoppers still prefer to place their orders online and pick up at their convenience from one of the easily accessible Parcel Storage Lockers now offered by many retailers. This simple upgrade is now considered an essential way to make things better for your customers and remain in-step with the competition. In order to fully grasp the benefits this solution brings to your business, let’s break it down into points and go over them one by one.

Cut out the Delivery Company

Delivery services and carrier companies across Canada have benefited a great deal with parcel volumes multiplying many times over in the past two years and their bottom lines increasing in kind. Many retailers, on the other hand, have seen a sharp decline in profits as deliveries cost a great deal and, in most cases, when something goes wrong, they are the ones to sustain the losses.

Misdelivered products, costly returns, damaged items and more, are all taking a toll on retail operations. Smart Locker Systems solve this problem by making the items accessible to consumers to pick up at their convenience with no delivery costs incurred.

Improved Logistics and Satisfaction

When money is saved on last-mile logistics, buyers enjoy a commensurate reduction in prices, making goods more attractive to them. The pickup process is also extremely convenient, reducing the risk of items being stolen or damaged by weather conditions when left on front porches by delivery agents.

Contactless Parcel Storage Lockers contain the purchased items, keeping them safe from theft or the elements, granting only the buyer access to pick up or return them. Once that’s done, the same compartment resets automatically and is then made available for the next transaction. The efficiency of this method is astounding compared to traditional delivery.

Parcel Storage Lockers are Extremely Cost Effective

Even if retailers opt to use a courier service to drop the items off at public-access locker location, for example, imagine the difference between having to bring 20 boxes to 20 different individual addresses, versus bringing all 20 to a single locker location. This obviously cuts down dramatically on the time and cost of the delivery process.

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