Why Commercial Property Managers Are Investing in Digital Lockers

Online purchases are growing. More and more consumers are looking to online purchases for food, retail, medical, and other sectors. Deliveries to workplaces are also increasing, with more than 50 percent of employees nationwide making online purchases while on the job. For commercial property managers, the time is now to invest in commercial parcel lockers.
commercial parcel lockers

Smart Lockers for Office Use Are a Growing Area of Investment

If you look at use of intelligent lockers in Vancouver commercial spaces, the volume is steadily rising. That’s because commercial property managers are looking at ways to provide secure package delivery for tenants and businesses. Here are a few of the reasons why commercial parcel lockers are becoming so prevalent.

1) They help keep employees happy. Whether you’re a business shipping packages for delivery or are on the receiving end, people want a secure method of pick up and distribution. Every employee wants to avoid becoming a victim of a porch pirate or have packages go missing due to a poor distribution process. Incorporating commercial parcel lockers into the mix provides a sense of security for all involved.

2) They help secure packages through their entire distribution journey. Having a bank of secure commercial parcel lockers on site helps alleviate the stress that property managers have to deal with over the increase volume of package deliveries. Snaile smart lockers track deliveries through their entire journey, with 24/7 access for drop-off and pick up. This means shipments can be securely managed on site at the commercial property. There’s less chance anything will go missing when all involved adhere to the use of smart lockers for office.

3) The technology involved is cutting edge. There are multiple ways the technology built into Snaile smart lockers can make package distribution easier. Infrared scanners detect and categorize packages in each locker. Refrigerated lockers can accommodate perishable items and medicines that must be delivered safely. There are convenient sizes that can accommodate all sizes. They are certainly secure, incorporating cloud-based video surveillance. The systems are fully scalable, so you’re never left using outdated locker technology.

4) They simply make package deliveries much simpler. An intelligent bank of commercial parcel lockers allows recipients to be instantly notified when their package arrives. Whether by text or email, recipients know they can pick-up their package thanks to the notification. Commercial customers can simply pick up their package at their own convenience.

Trust Snaile Lockers for Intelligent Lockers in Vancouver

Investing in commercial lockers guarantees safety and security for each package delivered into your commercial spaces. They also help improve operational efficiency. All Snaile lockers can be customized to suit your needs and requirements.

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