Digital Parcel Lockers: Savvy Tech for Smarter Cities

The fabric of urban planning is changing. The focus is no longer solely on basic infrastructure such as roadways, utilities, or even living spaces. Today’s “smart cities” use digital technology to conserve energy, while creating an environment of utmost convenience, reliability, and security. Sensors, data, and anaytics lead the way in planning everything from water, power, and telecommunications, to day-to-day necessities such as parking facilities, greenspace, and a centrally located digital locker service that is easily accessible to all residents.

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The “Internet of Things,” or IoT, has been called a “world where everything is connected.” Like something out of a sci-fi thriller, the IoT is a universe where machines talk to machines and technology dictates every aspect of our lives. As more and more “smart cities” are developed we’re seeing that this notion isn’t too far off and in many cases, it is well underway. In fact, it is estimated that 98% of the world’s data has been generated over the last two years, and that is a direct reflection of how digital technology is shaping how we eat, shop, drive, play, work, and, basically, how we live. This includes ultra-convenient smart locker technology at the core of modern urban cities.

Smart Locker Systems

Modern urban centers are people-focused. Traditional neighbourhoods with crisscrossing roadways that inevitably result in traffic congestion and pollution are now being replaced with walkways, bicycle lanes, and public transit hubs. Public spaces are making a comeback, including town squares that give residents a place to gather, meet, and share resources including a digital locker service. This smart locker concept provides a safe and secure space for couriers to deliver parcels, and for neighbours to pick them up whenever it is convenient. Smart locker systems also give residents a fail-safe method of shipping parcels or returning purchases without having to travel to a post office or courier depot.

Locker Service for All Types of Residences

Smart locker systems by Canadian manufacturers such as Snaile Parcel Lockers are completely flexible and integrate perfectly with every type of urban living space and existing infrastructure. High-rises, townhome complexes, semis, single-family home subdivisions, mobile home developments – no matter what type of neighbourhood, Snaile will create a customized bank of lockers for either indoor or outdoor use. Every Snaile digital locker service features the same unprecedented safety and security features to provide reliable parcel pickup and delivery options to all residents, 24-7.

Every Canadian-made Snaile smart locker system is constructed with top-grade steel and features industrial touchscreens and CPU windows, security cameras, and bank-grade keypads. Visit snaile today and learn how Snaile digital locker service is the best choice for bringing reliability, safety, and convenience to your apartment building, townhouse complex, condo, or other multi residential space.

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