The Pros and Cons of Traditional School Lockers

It’s difficult to imagine a school without picturing a hallway lined with lockers. That would almost be as foreign as a school without blackboards or a cafeteria. But some schools are questioning the merit of having personal lockers available for student use, and school boards, colleges and universities planning new school builds are faced with the decision of whether to install traditional lockers or not. The answer could lie in new options for school locker storage solutions – smart parcel lockers for schools.

school locker storage solutions

First, it’s important to address the pros and cons of traditional lockers, and how innovative smart lockers for schools add up:


Traditional lockers: In schools that already have lockers in place, the cost of maintaining, repairing or replacing personal lockers for every student is extremely expensive. And new schools installing a locker for every student are looking at spending tens of thousands of dollars; and that can mean less funding for athletics, supplies and teacher support.

Smart Lockers for Canadian Schools: Smart lockers provide secure storage options for multiple students, teachers and staff. With compartment access enabled by entering a secure, one-time PIN sent via SMS or email to the recipient, there is no need to restrict the use of digital school locker storage solutions to a certain number of students. This means school administrators can significantly reduce the number of lockers and compartments installed and maintained.


Traditional lockers: Physical set-up is restrictive is several ways. The first and most obvious impediment is often location. A student’s assigned locker can be on another floor of the school or even on another campus. Standard lockers are also much bigger than needed, meaning wasted space is taking up prime real estate on cramped campuses.

Smart Lockers for Schools: Snaile digital storage lockers are available in an array of sizes with flexible configurations, so the set-up options are virtually limitless. Lockers can be installed in public areas such as cafeterias, libraries and gymnasiums, near entrances, in dorms and even on every floor of the school. Because smart lockers for Canadian schools are shared (but still 100% secure), schools can greatly reduce the number of installations required.


Traditional lockers: From the low-level base to the top-level shelf to the antiquated combination lock systems, old-school lockers are virtually inaccessible to any student who has compromised physical abilities.

Digital School Locker Storage Solutions: Canadian Disability Act compliant, Snaile smart lockers offer accessible screen height, a raised ‘home’ dot on the keypad, and a special setting in the Cloud to ensure that parcels are never deposited too high for persons with physical disabilities.

Bottom Line

Canadian-made Snaile lockers are top of the class in terms of cost, convenience and accessibility. They are also safe and secure for campuses, and can be fully integrated with existing security lighting, cameras and security systems. Learn how your students and faculty can benefit from Snaile school locker storage solutions.

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