How BOPIS Can Make Shopping Easier and More Convenient

The world of online shopping has seen massive growth in the past two years, partly due to the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, but that was only part of it. The simple truth is this growth was part of a natural progression by consumers towards more convenient shopping.

This very tendency has also been the driving force behind more and more retailers implementing By Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) solutions, facilitated by touchless BOPIS lockers in Burnaby, contactless BOPIS lockers in Edmonton, along with many other cities across Canada, contributing to this rapidly growing trend.

touchless BOPIS lockers in Burnaby

The BOPIS solution is a perfect middle ground between online and in-store shopping, combining the benefits of both into one neat locker solution. The convenience of buying online is undeniable and has forever changed the retail landscape.

Consumers avoid the travel, crowds, line-ups and parking challenges so often associated with brick-and-mortar shopping and are able to select and purchase their goods with the click of a button. Online sales continue to increase at breakneck speeds, and everybody is satisfied – shoppers and retailers.

However, until the relatively recent addition of BOPIS solutions, buyers had to wait very long times for their products to be delivered and ran the risk of items getting lost or damaged in transit, or even stolen upon arrival by unscrupulous porch pirates.

Add to that, that when purchases do get delivered, buyers are sometimes dissatisfied with the items. Having to return the goods is a hassle for both the buyer and seller and can be a cumbersome and expensive process.

Retailers who implemented touchless BOPIS lockers in Burnaby, however, are experiencing a great increase in customer satisfaction, less lost revenue and an increase in retail sales to boot.

Here are just a few of the advantages of BOPIS shopping enabled by smart lockers:

Absolutely zero chance of the purchase being lost in transit because it doesn’t get shipped anywhere. Instead, the items are placed in one of the contactless BOPIS lockers in Edmonton and the shoppers get an access code sent to directly their phone and use it to retrieve their purchase at their convenience.

1. Returns are painless and free. If there is any dissatisfaction with the items, they can be returned at once, right there. Retailers can either opt to allow buyers to leave the purchase in the very same locker or go into the store and return the purchase there.

2. Upselling opportunities abound. Unlike a standard situation, when items are simply returned and revenue is lost, an in-store return allows retailers to replace items for a better fit or offer alternatives. This often leads to upselling on the purchase, increasing both buyer satisfaction and store revenues.

The BOPIS solution is taking Canada by storm, especially now that the winter season is fast approaching. Contactless BOPIS lockers in Edmonton and other cities are being installed by many savvy retailers who are gearing up for seasonal shopping.

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