Utilizing Lockers to Drop Off and Pick Up Student Laptops

Post-secondary schools across Canada anticipate in-class learning will resume for the fall semester. Administrators are busy preparing for the safe return of students and staff to campus by making a number of changes to on-site amenities that will help to encourage physical distancing and reduce the risk of spreading infection.


School Lockers

The addition of contactless school locker storage solutions is an excellent example of how colleges and universities are creating a safer environment on campus. This technology is being used across the country in elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools to provide safer storage options for students and staff. But, contactless school lockers in Canada are not limited to storage alone. For example, smart lockers located near the campus IT Department provide a safe and secure drop-off and pick-up point for computer repairs and upgrades. Touchless smart lockers for colleges are invaluable when dropping off laptops that need repair, to pick up new or repaired machines, or to borrow tablets and laptops – all with touch-free safety.

Smart lockers by Snaile are a smart alternative to traditional school locker storage solutions, and the benefits go well beyond having a safe place to stash belongings:

  • Secure: Contactless school lockers in Canada made by Snaile use the highest quality materials and latest technology to help ensure the safety of all users. The locker units are equipped with a bank-grade keypad and industrial touchscreen, as well as sensors to alert administration of any potential security issues. Pin hole and CCTV cameras add to the safety of Snaile school locker storage solutions.
  • Touch-free Convenience: The smart technology that drives digital lockers also helps to ensure a truly contactless user experience. Once a package is delivered and the compartment is locked, the recipient receives a text or email with a unique PIN code. Then it’s as easy as entering the code using a smart phone or tablet, and the door pops open. For an even safer experience, the locker settings can be adjusted to allow maintenance staff time to disinfect each unit between uses.
  • Industry Leading Technology: Snaile lockers use the same operating system as banks and airports. As with other smart technology that operate in conjunction with application program interface (API) software, Snaile lockers integrate seamlessly with existing student and property management systems.
  • Versatile: Snaile touchless smart lockers for colleges are available in a number of configurations that include both large and small compartment sizes. The lockers can be installed near classrooms, libraries, dorm rooms, gyms and common areas to serve all users and accommodate items of every size – from small packages and envelopes to oversized gym bags and grocery orders.
  • 24/7 Accessibility: Electronic school locker storage solutions can be installed indoors or out, so they are accessible at any time of day or night. For students, it is the perfect solution for deliveries that sometimes arrive late at night or during class hours. And, with no need to sign for packages, school staff members are free to attend to other tasks.

Even with students returning to school in the fall, we can expect the demand for contactless storage and parcel management solutions to continue.

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