Simplify the Process of Medicine Delivery with Digital Lockers

It’s a situation that occurs countless times in cities and provinces across the country: taxis, Ubers, or other non-dedicated transportation services are being tasked with the delivery of medicine and medical supplies to patients who are then at the mercy of these less-than-secure options often contracted by pharmacies. In a world where E-Pharmacy options are on the rise, in Alberta, for example, and other provinces, a much better option for medical delivery is the use of contactless lockers in Alberta.

contactless lockers in Alberta

Elevate Security Levels for the Delivery of Medicine Using Touchless Parcel Lockers

Prescription medicine use is at an all-time high, and consumers deserve confidential and secure delivery options for their medications and assistive devices. Home delivery fulfillment is often the preferred choice, but it’s not available everywhere and not always convenient for individuals who cannot be home for long periods of time waiting for a medical delivery. Contactless smart lockers are a great way to improve the delivery of medicines in terms of security and convenience. The introduction of contactless lockers in Alberta has proven that such innovation can improve the distribution of important pharmaceuticals to their end-users.

The Shift to Contactless Smart Lockers Is on

Given the age demographic prone to rely on prescription medications, a sizable portion of customers still like to visit their local pharmacy for direct pickup. However, there is a steady increase in online orders, especially given the lack of access that patients have had to their family doctors during the pandemic. Automatic storage lockers make exceptional medicine dispensary units because they are secure and can be installed in locations that are accessible around the clock – not just business hours.

Customers who are dealing with a pharmacy that has incorporated use of contactless lockers in Alberta, for example, can pick up their medications at their convenience; they first receive a digital text or email from the pharmacy indicating their medications have been placed in the locker and can be accessed using the unique code provided. It’s then easy for the consumer to pick up their prescription on their own schedule.

The pharmacy receives a message back when the package pickup has been completed. It’s a seamless way for consumers of all ages to get safe, secure access to their prescriptions. It’s a customer-centric approach to an industry that, despite being cutting-edge, is often lagging in innovative ways to improve personal service. Custom contactless lockers in Alberta are ideally suited for hospitals, pharmacies, or personal practices.

Such smart storage solutions can be customized to include temperature-controlled compartments to accommodate medications that require constant refrigeration. This lowers the risk of medical supplies being compromised; and, given the secure nature of the lockers, it also lowers the possibility that medications might be tampered with.

Digitization of Pharmacies Is the Next Step in Medical Services

The technology integrated into Canadian-made Snaile Locker systems is state-of-the-art and allows for simple locker access. No need to worry about keys that can be easily lost. Inputting a secure PIN that has been sent directly to the recipient’s mobile phone on the system’s digital touchscreen, or scanning a unique QR code on contactless lockers in Alberta, is as easy as it gets. This medicine delivery system can be a game-changer for retail operations, as well as for consumers looking for convenience.

Encourage Your Pharmacy to Connect with Snaile Lockers

Electronic lockers offer a safe way to get your medications at your convenience. Ask your pharmacy to consider integrating Snaile Lockers into their delivery strategies. Find out more about Snaile Lockers by visiting the website.

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