No-contact Lockers For Schools Keeping Students Safe

Outdoor parcel locker

The world has changed. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, everything we do will be different – how we work, how we socialize, the way we shop and, most importantly, how we protect the people we love and the things we own. Schools are in no way immune to these changes, and administrators must consider ways to provide safe and secure storage solutions for students and staff as we all learn to navigate this new way of life. To meet this need, all types of schools – colleges, universities, and even daycare facilities – are now installing electronic school locker storage solutions.

Single Use Safety

One of the most significant benefits of using smart lockers for schools, is that they can be effectively monitored for usage and restricted if necessary. Electronic lockers are only accessible by one person at a time, using a unique PIN code. There are no keys to pass around, and no reason for any other students or faculty to touch the locker surface. Smart locker storage solutions use software that tracks daily usage, so if issues such as the spread of a virus arise, maintenance staff can easily monitor the daily activity and disinfect the locker surfaces between uses. Electronic lockers are not only excellent options for providing personal storage solutions for students, they are ideal for external use and no-contact package deliveries as well.

No-Contact Deliveries

We’ve all learned a harsh lesson on the importance of stopping the potential spread of virus and bacteria. This new understanding has brought abrupt and serious changes to how parcels are delivered and retrieved. Fewer stages in the delivery process mean fewer hands involved, and, as a result, a reduction in the spread of germs. Smart lockers for schools by leading manufacturers such as Snaile are the best and most efficient option for providing students and staff with no-contact parcel retrieval. Whether it’s merchandise purchased online, a forgotten backpack, a care package from home, or fast-food delivery, school locker storage solutions provide easy access for the person leaving the package, and the one retrieving it. The locker door opens when a PIN code is entered on the key pad so there are no keys involved and no reason for multiple hands to be touching the locker surfaces.

The health and well-being of students is the number one priority for school staff and administrators. Canadian-made Snaile school locker storage solutions provide a secure option for couriers and delivery companies to leave packages, and a safe environment for students to retrieve them. Additionally, these state-of-the-art lockers can be integrated with your school’s existing student or property management systems to provide an extra layer of security to your campus.

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