Important Considerations for Choosing a Locker Supplier in Canada

Canadian companies, schools, commercial and residential property owners looking for a parcel locker system or parcel room supplier have a much broader choice than ever before. Parcel lockers have come a long way thanks to innovative designs and technological integration. Security, convenience, and durability make Canadian lockers an exceptional choice. That said, there are still many important factors to consider when determining the best choice for parcel locker companies.

Important Considerations for Choosing a Locker Supplier in Canada

What to Look for in Automated Parcel Lockers Canada

Consumer expectations have risen in every sector, and that includes their expectations from their parcel management systems. Smart lockers Canada customers expect real-time notifications, access from their mobile devices, and automated systems for pickup and delivery. For residential delivery management solutions, there are a few basic considerations everyone show know before investing in such systems.

Multi-unit residences want seamless access to their deliveries. Managers of condominiums, apartment buildings, school campuses, and student housing units want to provide it. However, in order to facilitate such demands, a provider will need such things as secure cloud data for critical data. As well as certifications that comply with Canada’s anti-spam legislation, software that integrates with resident data management companies used for structure of on-site data property management, liability insurance, multi-lingual user support available 24-7, and data housing that protects personal information. This is much more complicated than putting a row of lockers in the mailroom and providing residents with notifications!

There are other considerations that must be factored into the purchase of smart lockers from parcel locker companies. For example, locker systems will have to comply with all Canadian electrical codes and fire code ratings before being installed in any residential or commercial property. Such systems will have to be accessible to accommodate people of all ages and those with disabilities. Screens will have to be commercial grade given the high-volume of use they will receive in residential buildings with large populations. They will have to be durable and theft resistant. They will also have to be easy to use. Another important factor to consider before choosing a smart locker system will be whether or not they will be used by Canadian delivery companies. Such companies as Amazon Canada, FedEx Canada, and UPS Canada will have to have test and approve the lockers prior to use and comprehensive reporting and tracking systems so they can administer the packages and guarantee their safety.

Canadian Made Snaile Lockers Provide Exceptional Option

Not all parcel locker companies are created equal. Canadian manufacturers like Snaile Lockers are well-versed in all the complicated layers of data protection that must be included in digital smart lockers that will be used here. Some companies may be at risk of violating Canadian laws because their systems do not comply with all the protections required to meeting Canadian standards. Snaile Lockers carry Canadian liability insurance and are designed to meet all Canadian regulatory standards.

Before purchasing any smart locker system, check into the variety of products available through Snaile Lockers. Snaile design and technology makes for a highly secure and convenient smart locker system. Learn more. Visit Snaile Lockers online.

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