Digital Lockers – A Smart Alternative to Shipping Electronics

It began as a temporary solution to address COVID-19 realities. It has morphed into a paradigm shift in the way employers are accommodating employees who want to work at home. With the number of remote workers increasing in all industries, companies are shipping more electronics to employees to set up home offices. It’s one of the primary reasons why there has been an increase in the installation of commercial parcel lockers in Burnaby.

commercial parcel lockers in Burnaby

Add Security and Convenience with Electronic Parcel Lockers

Employers are making many adjustments to accommodate work-from-home and hybrid workers. Beefing up internet security, locking down VPN connections, and establishing new online protocols are a few of the top-line changes; distributing electronic company assets and equipment is the other. Office technology is critical to keep remote workers connected.

Shipping laptops loaded with confidential files and proprietary software, shipping headphones, printers/scanners, and digital phone systems – it’s all part of the new way of doing business. Facilitating these deliveries is the reason why companies are investing in intelligent lockers in Mississauga to commercial parcel lockers in Burnaby.

Connecting employees with company-supplied electronics boosts job satisfaction, it reduces technological downtime, and it increases efficiency. Incorporating smart locker systems into the delivery process reduces liability and protects companies from potential losses or security breaches. The loss of just one laptop could potentially be a major issue for companies shipping confidential information.

Additionally, shipping delicate electronics requires additional diligence; laptops, for example, contain a lithium-ion battery which are considered dangerous goods. Such batteries can cause electrical or chemical hazards if compromised or damaged. Workers should not be handling such materials. Ultimately, incorporating commercial parcel lockers in Burnaby locations or any city across Canada is a smart way for employers to mitigate shipping risks.

Snaile Smart Lockers Provide a Safe Alternative for Electronic Shipping

There are basic common practices when shipping electronics, including proper padding inside shipping boxes, using strong shipping packages, properly preparing and insuring the shipment of such electronic equipment is standard protocol. Using a smart parcel locker simplifies much of that process. When employees have access to commercial parcel lockers in Burnaby or elsewhere, there’s no real need for all the excess packaging.

Electronics can be placed securely into digital lockers without packaging because it’s a secure space. The moment the electronic component is put inside a locker, the employee required to pick it up receives an email or a text with a unique digital access code they can use to access the compartment. Simply input the secure PIN on the locker terminal’s touchscreen or scan the unique QR code sent directly to the recipient’s mobile, and the electronic component is easily retrieved.

Employees can arrange to pick up the electronic devices on their own schedule, whether that’s inside or outside of regular work hours. Collections are immediately recorded and time-stamped in the system software informing shippers that the package/shipment has been picked up.

Trust Snaile Lockers for Smart Locker Installation

Facilitating the safe transfer of electronic components is just one of the many ways Snaile Lockers are reshaping logistics and package delivery. See the entire menu of Snaile products and learn more by visiting our website


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