Secured and Reliable Lockers for Contactless Deliveries

Property managers can spend vast amounts of time just managing incoming package deliveries, especially during the holiday season when the number of packages doubles. A popular solution is to dedicate a room to packages and have residents pick them up, however, you can see where this becomes a problem – not only is this method disorganized, but it leaves packages vulnerable to theft or damage. And some companies ship high-value items with the parcel’s contents clearly displayed on the box, further increasing the likelihood of theft. For these reasons and more, the open-access parcel room is not a great solution for managing incoming deliveries.

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Residential parcel lockers are a far more efficient and secure solution to this problem while relieving a lot of weight off the shoulders of property managers, building staff and residents alike.

Why Smart Lockers?

Many people have experienced missed deliveries, anxiety over package theft, or parcels that have gotten damaged due to weather-related issues. The problem is not having a secure place to store packages and so couriers either drop them in an unsecured location or treat them as failed deliveries, leaving behind the dreaded delivery notice cards..

Contactless parcel lockers for apartments allow couriers to deposit the package in a secure, industrial grade compartment that can only be accessed using the unique PIN or QR code sent directly to the recipient’s smartphone. This allows for peace of mind and alleviates liability concerns for building management – especially during the holidays where they can end up sorting and storing 200 packages a week or more.

In addition, residents can collect their packages 24/7, so missed deliveries become a thing of the past and there is no longer any need to travel to the carrier company’s depot within set hours of operation to collect a parcel.

Are Touchless Parcel Lockers for Condos Truly Secure?

Smart touchless lockers are built from industrial grade stainless steel and include enhanced security features such as a tamper-proof lock system, making them virtually impenetrable. In addition, it is impossible to assess whether they contain items or not at a glance, making them far less tempting for opportunistic thieves. And all Snaile smart lockers are equipped with video cameras – both mounted cameras and a pinhole camera housed directly above the terminal screen –meaning all activity at the locker can be monitored an recorded.

A smart locker is a great solution for keeping residents’ packages safe and secure. And because compartments are accessed electronically using a digital code that only the parcel’s recipient receives, there is no physical key to steal or traditional lock that can be penetrated. As a result, smart lockers are extremely secure, a superior alternative to their traditional mechanical counterparts and a far better option than leaving packages out in the open.

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