How Technology Is Changing the Property Management Industry

We’ve all heard the benefits of building a better mousetrap. According to the often-misquoted phrase, the world will beat a path to your door – basically implying that improving an existing product can result in positive financial benefits. What about building a better locker for use in the property management industry? Is it possible to improve on something as rudimentary as a locker, which is basically a small storage space with a door. Snaile Lockers knows it is possible, especially when you integrate technology into your smart locker solutions.

 How Technology Is Changing the Property Management Industry

There has been a huge advancement in the technology being built into digital lockers in Canada. Today smart lockers in Toronto contain multiple components, including control units, tracking software, dashboards and user interfaces, all designed to improve locker security while making them much more versatile for various applications across multiple industries.

Smart lockers solutions have enhanced the capabilities of the simple locker used by property managers through integration of intelligent software that provides two primary benefits; first, such locker systems allow operators and owners to oversee the entire package delivery process with end-to-end visibility. Secondly, such digital locker systems offer recipients of packages a fully convenient parcel pickup option wherever they are installed.

Technology Drives Today’s Digital Lockers in Canada

Smart lockers have definitely become more advanced than they were at the turn of the century, thanks to multiple software-enabled components. Take the touchscreen, for example. Such integrated technology allows for people picking up packages to interact with the locker dashboard, while also allowing operators to manage the flow of materials slated for distribution through the locker.

That could mean food from a delivery service or high-tech equipment being shared internally in large industrial complexes. Locks are another component that is critical to the lasting safety of each locker systems. Every door has digital locks built into smart locker solutions that only open after a package recipient enters a code on a touchscreen or scans a barcode. There are no more keys to be lost, no more combinations to remember. It’s a seamless process enhanced by digital technology. This tech is the reason the locker systems are so versatile, giving smart lockers in Toronto and across the country the following functionality:

• The ability to monitor each locker’s current status, whether it’s open, closed, available for use, or occupied with packages.
• Easy tracking allowing operators to stay connected with the whereabouts of every package across the full chain of custody right until final pickup.
• Sending automated notices to package recipients through email, SMS text messaging, or easily downloaded apps.

Snaile Locker Systems Offer Canada’s Best Option

Whether you need smart locker systems on campus, in the office, at the factory, in large retail spaces, or in residential or commercial properties, Snaile Lockers have customizable solutions, with cloud-based smart locker software that allows for easy integration for your needs. Look for Snaile Lockers online .

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