Unlocking the Benefits of Digital Lockers for Dynamic and Flexible Workplaces

The modern workplace is in flux. Companies maneuvering through a post-pandemic workplace are seeking out ways to improve efficiency while also offering a dynamic and flexible workplace for employees. That often means bringing in new technologies, including integration of the workplace parcel locker.
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How Can Intelligent Lockers Help Improve Workplace Functionality

People who work at desks and cubicles like to personalize their space. Workers in large commercial offices like to have secure areas for belongings that don’t quite belong in desks or sitting on filing cabinets. Some examples, would be the Ontario Power Generation that uses the locker system for employees to deposit confidential documents, or hardware intended for another employee on a different floor and also the Caravan Transport Group that utilize the locker to pass shipping documents from one driver to the next. People in dynamic workspaces want secure storage when and where they need it most. For incoming and outgoing deliveries, for sharing of workplace equipment, or even for distribution of documents and administrative tools, people need smart commercial lockers.  There are many applications of the technology available in today’s intelligent lockers.

Let’s look at the ease in which such parcel locker systems can be integrated into a dynamic office space. Smart lockers promote collaboration and teamwork; using a smart locker for the distribution of shared equipment allows the end user to pick up the equipment at their convenience from a completely secure area. That frees up the time of the person who had the equipment who may have otherwise had to track down their co-worker to hand off the equipment.

This is a great system for the sharing of physical documents that may contain sensitive or confidential information. One person puts it in the locker; the next person gets a quick notification that the delivery is ready for pickup. That person uses a secure code to open the locker and remove the document. A notice is sent that the pickup has happened. The system is secure and safe and everyone is tracked and fully accountable.

Team parcel lockers are also another way to foster collaboration in a dynamic and flexible workplace. From sharing IT assets to storing keys, computers, or company cellphones, these shared lockers offer access only to those who possess the proper code. Co-workers know who has access and who doesn’t. It’s a secure system that fosters peace of mind for everyone in the workplace.

For such sharing and delivery options there is nothing that makes one worker dependent on another worker’s schedule. Lockers can be placed in areas that are easily accessible during all hours the office is open.  Such lockers are self-serve and keyless, so there is no real need for administrative oversight that takes someone away from doing something more beneficial for the company. With smart lockers, everything is completely automated from management to locker assignment.

In such cutting-edge work environments, people are more apt to utilize smart lockers then they would have with the old traditional locker system. Integration of technology makes such parcel locker systems seamless. The flexibility offered by installation of such systems is obvious. Each locker bank can be configured for different uses; multiple sizes mean locker systems can be customized to suit the needs of the people working in the office. Lockers can provide data on uses and help companies build more efficient workflows.  Who knew lockers could be so impactful on office culture.

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