Make the Hybrid Workplace More Effective with Digital Lockers

Comedian George Carlin once had a great routine that focused on our innate need to “find a place for our stuff.”  According to George, our homes were just big places to store our stuff, while suitcases, duffle bags, and pockets were just tools to carry incrementally smaller amounts of the stuff we deemed necessary to bring wherever we go.  With the workplace adjusting to the new post-Covid world, many employers are trying to find ways to accommodate employees working hybrid jobs that occasionally bring them into the office while working from home the remainder of the time. One of the best tools to help make that happen is with the installation of smart lockers for the office.

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The Benefits of Commercial Lockers in the Workplace

Surveys done post-Covid seem to indicate more people are growing comfortable with the hybrid work environment. That said, many employers have downsized their office spaces or reconfigured them to deal with the fact they no longer need vast amounts of space to accommodate a full contingent of employees at the office each day.

To improve the daily employee experience, many companies are looking at installing parcel storage lockers, which have many beneficial applications besides offering staff a secure place to store their coats and lunch bags.

Integrating technology into the workplace is an indication of a company that wants to move forward. Finding the best practices for storing office inventory, the personal belongings of employees, deliveries, shipments, and outgoing mail, is simply smart business. That’s where smart lockers for office use are helping revolutionize offices.

The flow of employees in and out of the office at different times means employees aren’t connecting in person like they used to. Parcel storage lockers give staff convenient, secure, and easily trackable ways to exchange important equipment and materials in the office. Staff working from home can come into the office and pick up the necessary materials and equipment they need by accessing a digital storage locker with a unique pin or code.  That way the company knows when things were picked up, how long they were out, when they were returned, and who borrowed them. Such smart lockers for office make the distribution of employee assets easier and more efficient.

Installing a bank of digital lockers with secure technology for single day storage space is simply a great incentive to get hybrid workers back in the office on a regular basis; having a locker they can easily access will make them feel like part of the regular work environment. Having a safe space for everything from personal belongings to mobile company tech offers hybrid workers peace of mind. However, smart lockers with built-in software also help streamline the distribution of mail and packages along with facilitating secure storage of company materials.

Anyone who has worked in an office knows how easy it was to drop into the supply cupboard and leave with desk materials, printer paper, or event toilet paper that somehow wound up in their home and not their workspace. The integration of smart lockers helps reduce such petty theft from the workplace.

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Moving internal office processes forward through the installation of commercial lockers can lead to a more effective workplace. Snaile manufactures custom locker systems with exceptionally secure digital software that can be integrated into any office or commercial operation. Visit Snaile Lockers online.

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