The Future of Package Delivery

Snaile Canada’s Parcel Lockers

Who ever imagined we’d live in a world where self-driving cars cruised the highway, and robots delivered our groceries? It’s a futuristic vision that could become an everyday reality a lot sooner than you think. Online shopping means that retailers and delivery services are continually developing faster and better methods of getting products to customers quickly and at a low cost. The final step to fast, efficient and secure ‘last mile’ delivery is to provide smart locker storage options by Snaile Parcel Lockers.

Tradition Meets Technology

In an attempt to reduce wait times and delivery fees, companies such as Ford and Amazon are developing new and innovative ways to safely and efficiently deliver packages. Amazon Scout is a robot that takes parcels from an urban distribution hub, directly to the customer’s delivery point. This amazing technology is on the horizon but until robots and drones become readily available, courier trucks & vans will continue to provide this service. The introduction of smart locker solutions, however, is one innovative technology that has already proven to be essential for shops, schools, apartments, offices, condominums, and mixed-use facilities. A smart parcel locker allows delivery staff to leave a package in alocker, close and lock it securely, and send the recipient a unique code and QR-code via text or email. The customer then enters the code on a keypad and retrieves the parcel, damage free. It’s easy to use, available around-the-clock and above all, secure.

Security Today – and in the Future

Quality and service are guaranteed with every smart locker Canada built by Snaile. Our lockers meet or exceed industry standards, using industrial grade steel & coatings that are up to 50% thicker than the competition, easy to read 15-inch industrial touchscreens, commercial keypads and CCTV/pinhole cameras to provide extra security. Inside these smart locker solutions is an industrial CPU with windows embedded, Wi-Fi, 3/4G or Ethernet enabled, DVR and optional UPS back up that can endure temperatures to minus 40 Celsius with the cold weather Canada upgrade. The exceptional quality of these systems provides worry-free usage and dependable operations, with 24-hour support if needed. Install smart locker Canada today and enjoy superior quality well into the future.

The future of parcel storage is already here. Our smart locker solutions are leading the way in technology and setting the standard for quality. We provide safe and secure smart locker systems and deliver the future of parcel management for retail, commercial, residential, campus and industrial applications.

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