Snaile partners with Condo Control Central to relieve parcel overload

The parcel delivery business in Canada is booming, and it is no wonder. The convergence of numerous factors – including millennials’ preference for online shopping, coupled with post-COVID requirements of physical distancing and contactless delivery – has changed the way we live, work and shop. And while this shift in the retail landscape may offer numerous benefits to consumers and corporations alike, those managing multi-residential properties are feeling the pinch: lobbies are bombarded with unsecured parcels, security and concierge staff are overwhelmed, and liability concerns around potential theft and property damage abound. As with any kind of major change, however, those who learn to pivot and adapt swiftly will undoubtedly come out on top. That is where the adoption of smart technology comes in.

Smart parcel lockers

Smartening Up

Smart parcel lockers, such as those produced by Canadian manufacturer and distributor, Snaile (pronounced Snail-ee), are relieving much of the strain caused by the unyielding tidal wave of parcel deliveries in multi-residential buildings. The lockers, which are modular and entirely customizable – meaning they can accommodate any building, large or small – provide residents and carriers with a designated delivery area, eliminating unnecessary foot-traffic in
the building.

Carriers simply go to the locker’s terminal, select the appropriate unit number and compartment size, and deposit the parcel. The moment the compartment door closes, the recipient receives a delivery alert via SMS or email containing a unique, one-time PIN, which is then used to collect the parcel when convenient. This simple and secure process eliminates the need for concierge staff to accept and store deliveries and keeps hallways and lobbies clear of parcels, preventing theft, damage and fire code violations. And property management staff can shift their focus back to dealing with residents, not parcels.

Going Paperless

Another important tool in the arsenal of an effective multi-residential team is the use of dynamic and robust property management software. Companies such as Condo Control Central (CCC) provide multi-residential stakeholders with an easy-to-use digital platform that enables them to streamline and digitize operations from resident communication and announcements, to service requests and amenity booking. The software also allows for paperless reports and the digital capture of critical data including incident reports, visitor information and security intel. As well, updates to roster information are managed effortlessly thanks to CCC’s Application Program Interface (API).

Finding Synergies

In addition to the key benefits offered by smart technology and cutting-edge software, the best part is the way these technologies work together to optimize efficiencies. Snaile and CCC, for example, have partnered to offer a fully integrated and synergistic user experience. Rather than having to create a user database specific to the Snaile parcel locker, owner and resident data is populated through Condo Control Central’s API, which means no additional data entry is required. This integration leaves less room for clerical errors and frees up countless human resource hours that can be applied to other endeavours and improvements. When updates are required because occupancy turns over, for example, or there has been a minor contact information change, the integration between Snaile and CCC means the resident only needs to inform their property manager of the change and it will automatically be updated to the Snaile cloud when it syncs with CCC’s API – a process that occurs nightly, so that changes are implemented right away.

“We welcome the opportunity to align Snaile with like-minded businesses,” says company CEO, Patrick Armstrong. “Our collaboration with companies such as Condo Control Central reflects one of the many ways we are working to provide optimal parcel management solutions to our property management clients and safe and timely deliveries to Canadians everywhere.”

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