Post-Pandemic Retailers Should Adopt Package Lockers

People across the country are counting down the days for things to return to “normal.” The truth is, the new “normal” we’ll be returning to is going to be vastly different than the “normal” we left behind back in 2019. The pandemic has been a gamechanger, and nowhere is that more evident than in the retail sector, where integration of buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) options have given retailers and consumers firsthand experience with click and collect lockers.

Click and collect Lockers

These parcel lockers for retailers have been instrumental in helping business owners provide customers with safe, easy access to their orders during the pandemic when lockdowns prevented actual customer interaction. As a result, the purchasing habits of consumers have been gradually changing, and it’s going to be difficult to stuff that genie back in the bottle.

Instead, savvy retailers will be permanently adopting package and shipping lockers as a key way to provide service to customers. Here are five solid reasons why more businesses should consider permanently adopting BOPIS package lockers in a post-pandemic environment:

  • Increased security – The security offered by click and collect lockers has proven to be a much better option for consumers than front porch delivery; anyone who has fallen victim to a wandering porch pirate can attest to the fact that dropping a valuable package on an unattended porch is not really a great way to receive goods. Parcel lockers for retailers provide a safe, secure, and easily retrievable option for consumers who can pick up at their convenience.
  • Reduced shipping costs – Delivery charges cut into profits or deter consumers from choosing online shopping options. Picking up orders from conveniently located shipping lockers without incurring shipping charges is a reason BOPIS has become so popular. Nearly 50 percent of consumers cite no shipping charges as a primary reason for choosing this option.
  • Damage prevention – Reducing the risk of damage to their goods is another reason why consumers choose BOPIS. Items that are stored securely in areas that eliminate risk of being stolen or damaged give consumers peace-of-mind shopping.
  •  Hassle-free returns – Simple returns are a godsend to consumers. Sending unsatisfactory goods back to the store can be a hassle even if return shipping is paid. When consumers pick up their goods in-store from a secure locker they have the opportunity to ensure they are completely satisfied with their purchase. If not, it can simply be returned on the spot without wasting the time it takes to ship something back. Knowing the package is in-stock also means the consumer only has to make one trip to the store.
  •  Increased sales – Driving online customers into your retail space provides an opportunity for secondary sales not possible when goods are shipped directly to their homes. Spontaneous purchases driven by simply being in a retail space or aided by top-notch retail associates gives businesses a chance to upsell consumers.

All of these advantages help improve the overall customer experience, which, in turn, improves your brand in the eyes of consumers. Incorporating BOPIS through the use of smart lockers – such as those produced by Ontario-based Snaile – into your retail service menu post-pandemic will help grow your retail sales. Learn more by visiting Snaile Lockers.

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