Touchless Package Delivery: Break the Chain of Virus Transmission

As delivery services continue to experience unprecedented volume increases, concerns have been raised regarding safety when it comes to handling packages. The logistics around shipping and handling are infinitely more complicated when people need to remain socially distanced, while also trying to keep everyone safe by keep foot traffic in buildings to a minimum. With this in mind, it becomes very clear that finding new and innovative methods of handling package delivery is essential, with one of these being via a package delivery locker.

Different Kinds of Secure Lockers That a School Needs

How to Properly Handle Conventional Drop-off Packages

Most people receive their packages via drop-off – typically right in front of their doors. Unfortunately, this method means that most packages are left outside, where they are susceptible to damage via weather, or theft. A safer alternative would be to take advantage of the safety and convenience of online shopping, but to collect the purchases, when convenient, using the retailer’s BOPIS (Buy Online Pick-up In Store) solutions – solutions often facilitated thanks to smart locker technology.

How to Properly Handle In-Person Deliveries

Handling in-person deliveries can be a bit trickier, as sometimes a signature is required or someone needs to be present to receive the package. If a signature is required, wear a mask while signing, maintain appropriate physical distance and thoroughly wash and sanitize your hands afterward.

How Touchless Shipping Lockers Can Help in the Pandemic

There is a solution that can drastically improve the way we think about delivery and keep people safe in the process: Smart parcel lockers. Smart parcel lockers are a way to provide convenience for both the delivery personnel and the person who is receiving the package, plus they virtually eliminate the risk of package theft.

In addition to being a safer option for parcel security, smart lockers also provide protection against the transmission of viruses in a varierty of ways. The lockers’ flat, stainless steel surfaces can be easily disinfected between uses. And compartment availability for deposits and collections can be custom programmed to promote physical distancing and ensure access for regular disinfection. Most importantlyl, the person-to-person exchange of goods is eliminated.

Among other applications, a smart locker is intended for dropped-off parcels. In a nutshell, the package gets delivered to the locker, the user gets a notification on their phone notifying them to pick up their delivery, then they unlock the compartment containing their delivery using their smartphone at the locker’s terminal for a contactless pickup – avoiding contact and even being near other people altogether. This makes it easier since there is no anxiety relating to package theft or damage as the only person who can access the compartment is the parcel’s intended recipient. Smart lockers for packages are an innovative way to handle online delivery orders that can benefit everyone involved.

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