Contactless Lockers in Demand as Schools Reopen

When the school year began in the fall of 2020, classes across Canada resumed with a litany of concessions and restrictions in place. Depending on the province or district, there were caps on class sizes and limited or restricted attendance in shared spaces such as libraries and cafeterias. Some schools modified existing locker areas to enforce physical distancing, while others banned locker use altogether. However it has played out, students will always need a safe and secure place to store their belongings, and electronic school locker storage solutions are proving to be the safest solution.

school locker storage solutions

Students often require a lot of material for their courses – too much to carry from class to class in a backpack. There are books, of course, as well as laptops, lunches, musical equipment, sports equipment and, in winter, a heavy coat and boots. The bottom line: students need school lockers in Canada, especially during a harsh, cold winter. Digital smart lockers for colleges, high schools and elementary campuses give students the valuable storage space they need, while adhering to pandemic protocols set forth by local school administrators.

Customized Layouts to Enable Physical Distancing

One of the biggest benefits of the electronic school lockers Canada educators choose, is that there is complete flexibility in how they are designed and installed. In other words, lockers can be physically spaced to ensure social distancing, or, the school can install a whole wall of smart lockers for colleges and still limit the accessibility to certain compartments to ensure protocols are being followed. By de-commissioning certain sections of the locker, the physical distancing protocols set forth by the school’s administration are easily maintained. Unlike those “Old School” traditional space-wasting lockers, digital school locker storage solutions are sleek and modern, and fully customizable in terms of layout and appearance. You can even select from multiple colour options that work with existing décor or school colours.

Safety First with Touchless Accessibility

Student safety is the number one priority of school staff. That’s why smart school lockers in Canada are such a great choice for every school administrator or board committee looking for ways to protect students, while providing convenient school locker storage solutions that adhere to safety protocols. For students, smart lockers for colleges (and all types of schools) are an excellent option. They are easy to use and fully accessible for all students. The compartments are accessed using a digital code that the students receive via text message or email. They simply enter the code on the locker terminal’s touchscreen, or they scan a digital QR code for a contactless experience, and the compartment door opens automatically to provide ample storage for books, equipment, coats and gear. Schools can keep a steady supply of hand sanitizer nearby and clean the lockers regularly to provide added safety and stop the potential spread of any viruses or germs.

When it comes to school lockers in Canada, no other company brings the same degree of quality, service and peace of mind that Snaile parcel lockers provides. After all, they are Canada’s Parcel Locker Company and provide safety and security to schools from coast to coast. Learn how Snaile school locker storage solutions will help to provide secure storage, while keeping staff and students safe.

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