Snaile Lockers now Supported by an Amazon Canada Ticketing System for Failed Locker Deliveries

Smart lockers used in Canadian multi-residential buildings such as condominiums and apartments solve a lot of issues not only for the consumers making the ecommerce purchases but also for the parcel delivery company, the ecommerce company and for the buildings themselves.

Parcel Lockers in Vancouver

Of course, for smart lockers to work properly deliveries must occur systemically, hence why Snaile has had delivery contracts in place for several years with all major Canadian carriers to make sure there is contractual recourse if a delivery driver doesn’t follow what their employer, the building and the building residents want – deliveries to go into Snaile lockers.

Still, there is some management to do with drivers that are eager to drop parcels and go, these are typically independent smaller companies, or individuals acting as delivery contractors. Hence the announcement of a ticketing system for Amazon specific contracted deliveries that will address non-delivery to Snaile lockers if-and-when they occur. The Amazon system put in place for lockers allows residents to call or email Amazon directly when they find their delivery is not in the Snaile locker .

Amazon then remedies the situation for the next delivery for whichever delivery partner neglected to use the Snaile locker. The existence of a formal reporting channel handled by Amazon themselves for deliveries that missed the Snaile locker is a testament to the enduring commitment to provide a great parcel delivery experience into lockers for all parties involved.

With the consensus that ecommerce will continue to increase at 11.7% CAGR through till 2025 and many Snaile surveyed Canadian buildings often seeing daily parcel counts already representing 25% of their total suite count, the parcel problem in Canada is large and causing operational plus safety hazards, which Snaile lockers can address directly.

Without Snaile lockers, fire codes are often violated by parcels left by carriers blocking egress pathways such as lobbies, hallways and wind vestibules which in the event of a fire could be life threating. Additionally, too many parcels pilling up in common areas are causing excessive combustible violations (Ontario Fire Code section as they would overwhelm the sprinkler system in the event of a fire. Fines issued to the building can reach $500,000CAD for the first occurrence in Ontario and $1.5M CAD for the second offence[i].

However, these particular fire code violations and resulting fines are generally not caused by the building’s action but rather by the carrier’s action looking to make a quick parcel drop to move on when no lockers are present. Most property managers that do not have parcel lockers and queried by Snaile are frustrated that some carriers need to be policed constantly to prevent the building from incurring fines or worse, resident injuries brought on by parcel strewn around. In Snaile conducted property manager interviews most where in agreement that given the dollar amount of the potential fire code violation fines that any fines their buildings incurred would be litigated against the carrier companies that caused the fine in the first place.

In addition to fire code issues, parcels left in a building out in the open by parcel carriers promote theft and can cost carriers or ecommerce companies not only money to replace stollen non-delivered items but also leads to a poor consumer experience because their purchases never ended up in their possession thus triggering the need for a customer support call to file a claim which is primed with long frustrating waiting queues.

Sometimes thieves even break into buildings knowing that there may be parcels left in the open, or worse some buildings report having actual resident suites broken into when many parcels are left in front of their door indicating to thieves they are avid online shoppers.

To report a missed Snaile locker delivery by Amazon Canada reach out by email ( or phone (Tel 844-370-7615).

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