Effective BOPIS Strategies for a Premium Customer Experience

For modern retailers to retain and grow their customer base, innovation has to be part of the strategy. Among the many ways today’s companies are innovating is through the integration of new technologies and platforms designed to enhance the overall customer experience. Accomplishing that requires a fast, easy, and stress-free way to shop and pay that focuses on customer experience. That means adopting the latest Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store or BOPIS solutions.

BOPIS solutions

On-Demand Shopping Requires On-Demand Service

Consumer expectations are changing when it comes to shopping convenience. Two years of shop-from-home spurred by COVID-19 distancing measures have already altered shopping patterns.

Retailers concerned with parcel management have adopted click-and-collect lockers as a way to accommodate the BOPIS crowd looking for stores that cater to round-the-clock-parcel-pickup options.

Traditional brick and mortar operations have to implement BOPIS strategies in order to generate more revenue. Offering this premium online and offline experience is critical to retaining existing customers as well as attracting new ones.

What are the best BOPIS solutions? Here are a few suggestions

  • It’s not enough to offer online shopping with the option to pick up the purchase at a later time, or have it delivered to the customer’s home. Retailers have to define their customer experience. An enhanced customer experience is the foundation of a premium shopping experience. Customers who shop online and then visit the retailer only to find themselves waiting in line are not having their expectations met. Every aspect of the BOPIS process has to meet expectations. Adopting the latest click-and-collect lockers and providing shoppers with the digital access code allowing them to pick up at their convenience is a better option.
  • Using data collected through customized reports that can be generated through use of BOPIS locker solutions is going to aid the retailers in understanding customer behaviour. With access to such comprehensive behavioral data, retailers can determine times when customers are most likely to pickup their BOPIS orders, how long orders remain in lockers before they get picked up, and other important data sets. This information allows retailers to develop better strategies for customer acquisition and retention.
  • To ensure shoppers become repeat customers it is important for retailers to create a premium online store experience. That means setting objectives to ensure quick and convenient package retrieval for online orders. BOPIS solutions means packages are placed into a locker immediately, with secure, one-time access codes sent directly to the purchaser. They can then pick up at their convenience and avoid waiting in line while an associate tries to find their package. The digital technology that defines the click-and-collect lockers being integrated into parcel management programs is the newest way to accommodate customers.

Use Snaile Lockers to Improve Your BOPIS Capabilities

With Snaile Lockers, customers can get the best of all worlds by shopping from the comfort of home, avoiding the frenzy of the mall, and collecting purchases at their convenience with no delivery fees. BOPIS provides retailers with infinite possibilities to further engage customers with exclusive offers when they collect their purchases.

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