Ways to Avoid Package Theft This Holiday Season with the Digital Lockers

According to Dictionary.com, the term “porch pirate” entered the Urban Dictionary in 2010. A porch pirate is a thief that takes a parcel or package left outside a residence or other address expecting a delivery. With the increase in online shopping, there has been a proliferation of “porch piracy” across the continent. With the 2022 holiday shopping season already underway and e-commerce continuing to grow, smart online shoppers are taking proactive steps to avoid package theft through the use of smart digital lockers.

 Ways to Avoid Package Theft This Holiday Season with the Digital Lockers

Secure Electronic Parcel Lockers Help Reduce Holiday Gift Theft

Having something stolen from your porch feels like a true violation of your property. Homeowners and property managers of large residential complexes that could be susceptible to package theft need to be aware of such potential loss of their packages, whether it’s stolen from the front of the house or a dedicated mail room where all tenants are told their packages are placed for safekeeping. That’s where intelligent lockers in Ontario come in handy.

Smart digital lockers offer a truly secure and easily managed solution to ensure the secure delivery and retrieval of packages. For property managers, smart digital lockers offer a much more accountable option for securing deliveries of all kinds for tenants. The process is simple and seamless, and it starts with the installation of secure electronic parcel lockers in any location where packages may be delivered. For parcel pending execution, recipients receive a delivery alert via text, email or mobile app. Once the recipient receives their notification, they can pick up the package at their own convenience using the code provided or the app. There is no need for a middleman like a property manager to be involved. The delivery service simply uses the locker to secure the package being delivered. There is no longer a threat from porch pirates or anyone with access to a mailroom who could steal packages. Residents will appreciate the fact that intelligent lockers are available to facilitate contact-free pickup.

The Many Benefits of Intelligent Lockers in Ontario

People want to ensure that their online orders or packages being sent to them are safe and secure.

With a smart locker system that incorporates a variety of different size lockers, most packages can be delivered and stored in a safe locker. Such systems are weatherproof given the durable construction of lockers that are designed to withstand sun, rain, wind and snow. Such lockers help streamline the delivery process, offering property and mailroom managers flexible solutions to make package fulfillment more efficient. Add in video surveillance to monitor large residential properties or single-family residences and there’s an additional level of protection to avoid holiday package theft.

More Holiday Theft Prevention Ideas from Snaile Lockers

If there’s one thing to admire about thieves, it’s that they can be creative. To protect yourself during the holidays, there are many creative steps that you can take to protect your package. Signature delivery is one of the simplest ways to ensure the package you’re sending winds up in the right hands: only the person named for the delivery can sign for the package using proper ID. Signing up for delivery alerts is another simply way to track your packages. For single family residences, installing a secure smart locker system is simply the best way to avoid packages being left on your porch in full view of thieves who may be monitoring neighbourhoods during the holiday season.

For more information on the many different smart locker systems available for residences and multi-dwelling complexes, visit Snaile Lockers

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