Why Digital Lockers Are a Necessity for Local Retail Stores

In the new emerging retail sector, change is going to be inevitable for all retailers who want to thrive. Brick and mortar operations struggled during the pandemic for obvious reasons, but many of the new processes implemented by retailers will continue to be part of the new retail strategy. One of the big changes will be the ongoing implementation of a permanent BOPIS solution.

BOPIS Solution

Adapting to Smart Locker Retail Options Is Good Business

Many businesses experimented with parcel lockers for click and collect retail delivery for customers. Retail lockers in Vancouver and other major markets across Canada provided a convenient way for customers to collect their retail purchases despite the social distancing measures put in place that kept them out of stores. BOPIS solutions – buy online pickup in store – allowed customers to adjust to the new retail realities which were in fact much more convenient for customers than before.

Shoppers could order online and pick up their orders outside of normal business hours in places where lockers were easily accessible. While much of the purchases were for non-essential items, the mechanisms were put in place to ensure future purchases could include everything from medicines to farm-fresh orders. The retail sector is dealing with many new options, including Goods to Person (GTP), Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), and even Mechanical Robot Solutions. As advanced and as interesting as those options might be, the fact is that click and collect lockers are far better for providing a solid customer experience.

More Reasons Why Click and Collect Lockers Are the Best Retail Option

Not everything is available online. Many stores are still offering curbside pickup and BOPIS solutions to accommodate customers and provide convenient solutions. Customers still want their favourite vendors to provide easy solutions to facilitate pick up of their purchases. Click and collect smart lockers provide simple BOPIS solutions for retailers and customers.

Click and collect options can offer patrons a new way to connect with stores on their terms. Retail is being driven by convenience, as more and more customers used to the convenience of buying online and getting home delivery now want the same kind of convenience from their bricks and mortar retailers.

The benefit of incorporating smart lockers in to your retail operation is that they cater to those customers who want hyper-local fulfillment when they buy. “Shop local” was the lasting mantra to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, and retailers who can incorporate the “shop local” mentality into fulfillment by installing smart lockers are going to win over new customers and remain competitive in an ever-changing retail market.

Click and Collect Is an Inevitable Strategy for Retailers

The growing e-commerce sector continues to challenge retailers, but those who incorporate new technologies like BOPIS solutions will always prevail. No one wants to see their local retail businesses disappear, but they do have to offer convenience to shoppers.

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