Digital Lockers are Bringing Success on College Campus

Colleges and universities are bastions of thought leadership, and they are also great testing grounds for innovations designed to improve life not only on campus but in the broader community. One of the ways these higher education institutions are leading the way is by becoming early adopters of smart lockers for colleges.

smart lockers for colleges

Improving Deliverables on Campus with School Locker Storage Solutions

Campuses have been dealing with a new and increasingly important responsibility lately – the development of parcel management solutions as a result of an influx of packages ordered by students who do a majority of their shopping online. Canadian made Snaile Lockers can be found in colleges and universities across the country including Toronto’s York University, which was one of the earliest adopters of such digital technology. The lockers are most often installed in residences but can also be found in other common areas such as campus book stores.

Whether it is supplies from home, school supplies, or food deliveries from external vendors to accommodate pandemic social distancing requirements, the volume of packages finding their way onto university and college campuses has increased dramatically. School locker Canada companies like Snaile Lockers have been providing exceptional digital lockers solutions to help college and university campuses successfully handle parcel management needs. Smart lockers for colleges and universities offer a safe and manageable solution to deal with the flood of packages flowing into dorms. Implementing such services is especially important when creating a safe environment for students during the ongoing pandemic.

By installing smart lockers in campus mailrooms, residences and other common areas, educational institutions can safely address student concerns by offering contactless delivery of mail and packages while boosting efficiency for both staff and students. Rather than relying on hand-deliveries to students, the smart locker system allows packages to be dropped off and picked up in a safe environment that includes a comprehensive tracking system. All deliveries and pickups are automatically logged. Students receive a secure, one-time code via text that gives them access to the digital locker compartment so they can pick up their package at their convenience.

Lockers are typically located in a safe, fully accessible area so students are comfortable retrieving their packages. Campuses can also use the installation of smart lockers as a way to create a campus hub for distribution of all kinds of packages including:

  • Library and text books
  • Administration documents
  • Clothing and electronics
  • Equipment borrowed from schools related to class activity
  • Items related to move-in/move-out such as keys, passes, and welcome packages

Some campuses have also installed lockers at sporting facilities, theatres and concert venues to provide storage for prohibited items from being brought into the game or show. Large backpacks and other items can be quickly locked and secured away until students can retrieve them at the end of the event. Tickets to campus events can also be securely distributed through smart lockers as well.

Snaile Provides School Lockers for Colleges and Other Facilities

Canadian-made Snaile Lockers are finding their way into more college and university campuses every day. They have proven to be an exceptional tool in helping educational institutions provide safe and efficient package distribution across campuses nationwide. 

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