Parcel Lockers a Pandemic Lifeline for Retailers

Curbside Pickup

If there was ever a doubt as to the power of e-commerce, the first six months of 2020 will stand as definitive proof. With a widespread lockdown in place, internet shopping became a literal lifeline once everyone was advised to stay at home. The coronavirus pandemic resulted in the demise of many stores and even entire chains, but savvy retailers were able to ride out the wave and even thrive by using parcel management that offer consumers the 24-7 convenience of BOPIL (Buy Online and Pickup In Locker) service.

Some changes in retail trends were to be expected, but others are surprising. Bicycles, for example, began to quickly sell out. Necessities such as cleaning supplies, medications and toilet paper were stockpiled, as were baking supplies and grocery staples. Home improvement, gardening and craft supplies saw a surge in online buyers. Studies suggest that shopping online has nearly doubled and leaders in e-commerce have invested upwards of a billion dollars to adapt to the new retail landscape. This all adds up to healthy sales for businesses using smart lockers for retailers.

Smart Locker Solutions for Every Sector

BOPIL locker solutions and parcel lockers for condos were the vital link between quarantined consumers and the products they needed. When it just wasn’t possible to enter a store, shoppers could buy online and then safely pick up their purchases from local merchants. The beauty of this type of parcel management system is that virtually every type of product can be delivered this way. Consumers were able to support local retailers by purchasing and collecting everything from prescription medications to automobile parts. There are even climate-controlled lockers that help keep groceries cold and take-out meals hot.

Smart Lockers Support Ongoing Consumer Loyalty

Consumers will not soon forget the retailers that provided the products they needed during isolation. These businesses had the foresight to support the growing demand for BOPIL, BOPIS, B2C and B2B shopping by installing smart lockers for retailers. Because of this, consumers were able to pick up their purchases in a clean, no-contact setting, while retail staff, suppliers and carrier companies were also protected from personal contact.

Daily use of parcel lockers for retail condos, malls and shops can benefit merchants in so many ways:

  • Customers coming in to access lockers will browse and buy other items;
  • The need for staff to process pickups is eliminated, allowing more time to help customers in other capacities;
  • The risk of lost, stolen or damaged items is greatly reduced;
  • Incentives such as discounted products with purchase of BOPIL items can be offered.

Learn more about the many ways a Snaile parcel management system can help your business capitalize on e-commerce shopping trends and prepare you to serve your customers in times of need.

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