The Next Generation of School Lockers

Anyone who ever attended a traditional school remembers hallways lined with lockers on both sides. These small, tightly-packed compartments were personalized each year by the students who inhabited them, with little regard to safety. Today, however, is not the same as it was just a generation or two ago. Now, students need lockers that can safely store their belongings while also adhering to – and even facilitating – regulations around social distancing. When it comes to school lockers Canada-based company Snaile has a smarter solution than the traditional lockers of the past.

Snaile’s locker solution at QUAD at York University Campus


Easy-to-Maintain School Lockers

Many educational institutions are replacing their antiquated, old-school lockers, with modern, streamlined, smarter counterparts, such as those manufactured and distributed by Snaile. One of the many benefits offered by these new-age school locker storage solutions is the fact that they are virtually maintenance-free. The flat, stainless steel surfaces are easy to disinfect between uses. Compartment availability can be custom-programmed to promote social distancing and ensure that compartments are available for regular cleaning and disinfecting. And, because the units are modular and customizable, they can be configured to fit virtually any space and accommodate any student and staff population – big or small.

Benefits of Snaile School Lockers

In addition to the convenience offered by today’s smart lockers for schools, they are also a cut above traditional lockers when it comes to aesthetics and design. The sleek modular units come in a wide array of colour options and can even be customized to feature a school logo or team colours. In addition to storing student belongings, they can be made available for external carrier deliveries, as well as used for internal purposes, such as the exchange of documents among staff or even from students to staff. The industrial grade compartments are also much more impervious to dents and damage than the last generation of lockers, maintaining a sleek and stylish appearance for years to come. And Snaile school lockers are resistant to rust, allowing them to be easily used for decades with careful use.

Touchless Locker Solutions

When a school needs a safer solution, there is no better option than touchless lockers for schools. They enable students to unlock compartments using their smart phones, allowing for a virtually contactless experience. This can vastly improve the safety and social distance measures a school puts in place for the students’ safety.

A great education begins with a great learning environment – one that is safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing. With this in mind, it is important to consider school locker storage solutions. The new generation of lockers, such as Snaile smart lockers for schools, will ensure the safety and security of the students, staff and their belongings, and will enhance the overall environment, bringing schools and their pupils to new heights.

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