How Digital Lockers Have Modernized the Delivery System

The way people work and shop has been changing long before COVID-19 arrived to accelerate that change. Many different organizations – from retailers to educational institutions to government agencies – have been searching for ways to overcome the challenges inherent in overtaxed mail centres and service counters. People have less time – and therefore less patience – so finding solutions to package delivery challenges have resulted in the adoption of new technologies including parcel lockers in Mississauga.
 How Digital Lockers Have Modernized the Delivery System

How Automated Parcel Lockers in Canada Are Being Put to Use

Smart lockers in Mississauga are being used to facilitate a variety of deliveries. Flexible smart parcel locker solutions are offering safety, security and convenience for users. Because deliveries can be picked up at any time (if lockers are in an easily accessed public space), they give people the benefit of convenience without having to wait in line at a mailroom or delivery company. It’s such a simple process using automated parcel lockers in Canada. When an individual is sent a package ,delivery drivers simply place the package in the automated and then the locker will then send a notification to the recipient containing a pin and barcode to collect the package at the recipient’s convenience.

One of the biggest benefits to companies that have installed parcel lockers in Mississauga is security. Simply put, smart lockers prevent theft and loss through their secure delivery option. Stolen or lost packages can cost a company lots of money and leave intended recipients frustrated and angry. For people who use home delivery services like Purolator and Amazon, having packages left on porches is an extremely risky venture given the rate of porch piracy occurring in the world today. Smart lockers eliminate the potential risk of having packages swiped. Packages put into smart lockers are secure and only removed once the person that has received the notification, enters the one-time access code at the locker.

In times of a sweeping health crisis like a COVID outbreak, face-to-face contact is not the safest way to facilitate pick-up of packages. Smart locker systems become ideal options for people who don’t want to interact with others for their personal health reasons. There is no waiting in a crowded mailroom or need for unnecessary interaction with others. Smart parcel lockers can also be used for asset management and tracking. Assets like computers or medical equipment are easily tracked through the use of a smart locker system. It’s a great way to share electronic resources across multiple departments in a large organization. Ultimately, smart parcel lockers can save companies money once the system is implemented and adopted by everyone in the organization.

Snaile Lockers Are Exceptional Products for Modernized Delivery Room

Digital equipment has revolutionized many industries, and the use of digital storage lockers has certainly reshaped the delivery service. More companies are using the technology to make their delivery process much more efficient. Snaile Lockers can be custom designed to work for every company. Contact us to find our more. 

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