How Smart Lockers Are Making Package Deliveries Feasible During Pandemic

smart locker

Since the world closed down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rate and volume of online purchases has exploded. Consumers are buying everything online and the growing demand has taken its toll on retail delivery services, global suppliers, and logistics infrastructure. It didn’t take long for all types of products, even vital items such as groceries and medications, to get caught up in a frustrating backlog.

Shipping delays and delivery concerns have shown how smart locker systems are the perfect solution to meet the growing demand for more efficient delivery options. These digital parcel storage solutions have made it feasible for delivery services to continue providing efficient service during busy shipping seasons, and even throughout such emergency situations as a worldwide pandemic. In fact, the positive impact of electronic lockers on last-mile deliveries is clearly evident in a number of ways:

Contactless Exchange: To speed up the delivery process and prevent face-to-face contact during the coronavirus pandemic, most couriers and parcel delivery services have eliminated the need for signatures upon receipt. With smart locker access, delivery personnel can leave parcels, and recipients can safely retrieve them, all using a secure keypad or optional QR code technology. The exchange is secure and highly efficient with zero contact.

Uber-Efficient Delivery: Retailers, shippers, and last-mile delivery services have come to depend on the ease and efficiency of Snaile smart locker systems. In a multi-residential setting, for example, carriers do not need to deliver to individual units. Instead, multiple packages can be delivered simultaneously, to one convenient location, without compromising parcel security.

Quality Control: It is not uncommon for a delivery service to leave a package on the porch or in a lobby. During COVID-19, the sheer volume of deliveries, coupled with the need for contactless service, has resulted in even more packages being left for “porch pickup” and, in turn, left them more susceptible to damage or theft. Smart locker solutions by Snaile eliminate the chance of finding parcels ruined – or not finding them at all.

While millions of people around the globe have been self-isolating, quarantining, and working from home for weeks and even months on end, the demand for secure and efficient delivery systems has continued to skyrocket. The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the volume of online purchases to new heights and challenged delivery services to keep up, leading more and more retailers and logistics companies to rely on digital smart locker systems by Snaile as a secure and reliable last-mile delivery solution. Smart lockers help reduce the strain on the retail and shipping industries while protecting customers and staff from the possible spread of infection today and in the future.

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