Safer and Easier Package Deliveries

Package Deliveries

We’ve all heard about the dangers of e-commerce. Scammers have become so adept at gathering information and mimicking legitimate users, that it can seem virtually impossible to stay safe in this virtual world. But, there’s another danger associated with online shopping, B2B, B2C and even fast-food delivery: stolen or damaged parcels and the potential for physical harm to both consumers and delivery personnel. These crimes are on the rise, but there is a solution with intelligent parcel lockers, and Snaile Parcel Lockers is helping Canadians enjoy a safer and easier way to do business.

Putting Safety First

The most important benefit to installing electronic parcel lockers, is the security of your employees and clientele. Snaile Parcel Lockers makes safety their first priority by creating parcel storage lockers that exceed industry standards. These systems are made from industrial grade steel and rated to minus 20 degrees Celsius with a cold weather upgrade package available. With cyber-safety in mind, they have industrial CPU with windows embedded – the same operating system used by hospitals and airport kiosks – to prevent infiltration by thieves and hackers unlike many lockers that use consumer grade iPads and tablets. A bank-grade keypad, industrial touchscreen and security cameras add to the overall protection of users while delivering and retrieving packages. Built-in sensors detect if something is missing from the locker, or something’s in there that shouldn’t be.

Stress-Free Deliveries

Parcel storage lockers take away the concerns associated with sending, delivering and receiving packages. This unique system provides a secure and user-friendly option for parcels to be delivered without a signature, stored safely, and then picked up at the recipient’s convenience. The process is exceptionally secure and easy to use:

  1. When the package is delivered, the agent scans the bar code or enters the package number using the digital keypad.
  2. The parcel is placed into a dedicated locker compartment and a digital code is sent to the recipient via email or SMS
  3. Using the industry-leading digital keypad, the recipient enters the unique package delivery code or uses the QR code, and retrieves the parcel.

Easy-to-use and accessible 24-7, electronic parcel lockers take away the hassle of traditional package deliveries, making them a great choice for all types of commercial, or multi-residential properties, from traditional bricks & mortar shops, to services such as printing & dry cleaning to grocery stores & restaurants. There are smart locker systems available in virtually every size, colour and configuration, and Snaile Parcel Lockers can be customized to meet specific requirements.

As instances of parcel theft continue to rise, and consumers’ demands for instant access and convenience remain at the forefront, the need for easier and safer delivery solutions has never been greater. Our user-friendly parcel storage lockers provide a simple package delivery process, along with industry-leading security.

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