Why Parcel Lockers Are a Smart Investment for Your Business

Outdoor parcel locker

Every business owner and corporate leader knows that online buying and selling has changed the face of Canadian trade, but, are you aware of just how significant these trends have become? It is estimated that by the end of 2019, e-commerce retail trade sales amounted to almost 1.85 billion Canadian dollars, with more than 28 million Canadians consumers buying online. And that was Before the coronavirus pandemic pushed the numbers to astronomical levels. Smart businesses are embracing online commerce with outdoor parcel locker installations for the benefit of customers and employees.

Electronic storage lockers provide seamless delivery of packages to your business, as well as a safe and easy way for customers to pick up their online purchases. But, there is much more to waterproof outdoor lockers than simple convenience. Read on to learn why electronic lockers are a smart investment for your business:

A Great Employee Perk

Outdoor parcel locker Canada is an investment in your employees’ satisfaction and sense of worth. When employees are able to utilize digital lockers to safely retrieve their online purchases, they don’t need to worry about whether items delivered to their homes will be stolen or damaged before they finish work. The majority of your employees are likely shopping online, so this investment will go a long way in making them feel secure and appreciated.

Streamlined and Cost-Efficient Deliveries

A business that is equipped with an outdoor parcel locker system is able to boost productivity by freeing up time for other tasks. When a package is delivered to a smart locker, the delivery agent is able to lock it away securely, while simultaneously notifying the recipient of its arrival via a secure electronic alert containing a unique PIN. Then, the appropriate staff member can use the code to open the locker and retrieve the parcel. There is no need for receptionists to spend time searching names, or for mailroom staff to deliver countless parcels. Estimates suggest that waterproof parcel lockers can help commercial building managers save up to 24 hours of human resource hours each week. That adds up to significant savings in the operational budget.

Ongoing Employee Support

Trust the outdoor parcel locker Canada experts that provide on-site Customer Integration Specialists for the first few days of going live. By helping employees familiarize themselves with smart lockers and typical usage scenarios, nothing is left to chance. Once the locker installation is complete, Snaile Parcel Lockers will complete a unique on-site implementation program, with follow-up web and phone support.

Providing waterproof parcel lockers for your personnel, customers, and associates is a smart investment that returns again and again with added security and employee satisfaction. To learn how smart lockers can help your business embrace the e-commerce uptick, increase productivity, and reduce costs, contact us today for your free quote.

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