How Digital Lockers Can Help Office Employees with Storage Needs

The future of shared workspaces is going to be vastly different than it was in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic saw a mass employee exodus from company workspaces to accommodate social distancing restrictions. As people gravitate back into offices, however, employers are going to be met by employees who have higher expectations about workplace measures, systems, and processes. Creating functional, healthy workspaces is going to be a major priority for employers, and one workplace improvement measure that will undoubtedly be a big part of this strategy is the integration of smart lockers for offices.

smart lockers for offices

Improve Workplace Security with an Intelligent Parcel Locker System

Providing workers with a secure place to store belongings and receive deliveries is simply good business. Whether that means providing an internal system of smart lockers for office use or an outdoor parcel locker system to facilitate pickup of things like shared equipment or supplies, it’s just one more way employers can demonstrate they care about worker safety. Storage lockers with integrated software provides a scalable solution to businesses and employers hosting large offices full of people looking for secure package management.

Smart lockers are simple to implement into any office. With smart lockers for office use, employees no longer need to carry keys. Lockers can be easily accessed using a unique PIN entered through a numeric touchscreen keypad or scannable QR code. Digital lockers eliminate the need for logbooks and other analog administration systems, because lockers automatically generate activity logs that can be used to determine best practices for locker use and provide insight into other information such as high-traffic deposit and collection times.

There are a variety of different ways to customize smart storage lockers to suit different work environments. It could be as simple a function as providing the best solution for employees to store belongings while at work. They can also be used as a functional solution for offices that regularly receive an abundance packages of varying sizes and/or those that ship a lot of parcels or sensitive documents.

When a package is deposited to a compartment, the intended recipient (whether that is an employee or carrier company) will receive a message via text to access the package using the unique code. Once the package is picked up, the locker will automatically update the log. This gives office managers real-time data and eliminates the daily burden of tracking large volumes of packages.

Trust Snailer Lockers for Top-Quality Office Smart Locker Systems

We are in the age of smart offices, and these offices require intelligent solutions. Such technologies make offices safer, more secure, more efficient and more productive, because they help eliminate arduous manual tasks and the redundant tasks often related to package administration.

Smart lockers are not your typical clunky, antiquated lockers that give out industrial vibes; these are sleek and modern locker systems that can actually enhance the design interiors in modern offices. They can be built with functionality that allows employees to charge devices while in storage, and they can be heated or ventilated as necessary.

No matter what your office environment requires, Snaile Lockers offers a smart locker solution that can be customized to suit those needs. Smart locker technology allows deliveries to occur and remain safely stored until the recipient is ready to pick up the package.

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