How Smart Lockers Benefit Asset Tracking?

There are many reasons for integrating new technology into the workplace. New technology saves time, increases efficiency, maximizes revenue and resources, and makes the operation more competitive. One of the most purposeful pieces of technology being incorporated into businesses, offices, schools, and retailers is the smart locker.

How Smart Lockers Benefit Asset Tracking

Every company or organization integrating smart parcel lockers and locker services into their operation has its own reason for doing so. The fact is, however, that a smart locker promotes better workflows and provides flexibility to management systems across all verticals. Digital storage lockers are nothing new; however, the pandemic certainly made many people aware of the fantastic functionality and automated procedures possible when utilizing such systems. Asset tracking, for example, has been revolutionized in some organizations because digital locker services have been integrated into such things as package delivery and fulfillment. Adding such smart tech has been transformative for some organizations, from offices with high-demand mail rooms to pharmacies looking for ways to better serve customers looking to pickup prescriptions. Here are just a few of the ways the smart locker has had a positive impact on asset tracking.

Asset Tracking

New smart locker technology means that lockers come with built in asset tracking features that record details of the assets inside. Smart locker systems can record each transaction including when the assets inside are picked up. This eliminates the need for manual tracking freeing up time and allow others to focus their productivity elsewhere.

Improving regulatory compliance measures

Any organization dealing with regulated items that need to be picked up can benefit by using smart locker services. These units can monitor the issuance of equipment, materials, and items so as to satisfy regulatory requirements. By keeping accurate records, it helps with eventual reporting on such items.

Data collection on assets

Collecting data on how parcel lockers are being utilized internally by organizational staff can provide insights into ways to improve internal process and help staff to be more efficient.

Better access during emergencies

Smart locker systems provide necessary override bypasses in the event of emergencies where lockers need to be immediately vacated or equipment inside needs to be utilized. The systems are fully secure, but there are contingencies for such emergency measures.

Better technology for future applications

Every time someone uses a smart locker or seeks to integrate locker services into their operational procedures it provides an opportunity to develop critical insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of the lockers that are being used. This helps organization develop future policies to make the organization better prepared for the future.

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