How Digital Lockers Have Benefitted Coworking Spaces

A great percentage of the Canadian workforce enjoyed a wonderful experiment during the COVID-19 pandemic: working from home. Many workers made the adjustment in seamless fashion, becoming more productive as a result of not having to commute and worry about dress codes and interacting with coworkers. Now the shifting tide is bringing workers back into the workplace, employers are trying to find incentives to create a more positive workplace. One of those incentives is the use of smart digital lockers.

How Digital Lockers Have Benefitted Coworking Spaces

Commercial Parcel Lockers Help Create Friendly Coworker Spaces

In coworking spaces employees are discovering the new realities being integrated into workspaces. Private offices, dedicated workstations, and virtual office environments are part of the new normal. Some companies have established 24/7 access to the office, providing key fobs that allow workers to come and go and set their own work schedules. That does present some challenges when it comes to packages, so progressive companies are also integrating intelligent parcel lockers systems to help employees deal with parcel management, shipping and receiving.

Smart lockers present a secure and efficient way to manage deliveries to multiple companies or to coworkers working from home or alternate spaces. Smart digital lockers make it easy to offer secure sharing of packages within a workspace. When a delivery company arrives on site to a company that has integrated commercial parcel lockers, the recipient will receive a notification through text or email notifying them that they have a package. The package remains in a secure compartment until the recipient arrives with a unique PIN code to gain access to their compartment. These systems allow workers to maintain distancing when required but they also allow for pickup at the recipient’s convenience.

Why Snaile Lockers Are the Best Choice for Smart Digital Lockers

Snaile Lockers have been offering click and collect smart digital lockers to Canadian retailers and businesses for years with great success. Having these lockers available in the workplace allows coworkers to send and receive packages, equipment, food, and confidential inter-office correspondence quickly and easily. They also help facilitate package deliveries from external shippers. The lockers are easily integrated into office protocols, allowing coworkers to share things with ease.

Canadian-made Snaile Lockers are durable and come with state-of-the-art integrated technology that makes them easy to use but also a secure way to help coworkers manage internal package delivery responsibilities. The data in Snaile Lockers is hosted in Canada to comply with Canadian regulations, making them secure for personal privacy. For employee accountability Snaile keeps a full history of company logins to identify all users and transactions each employee has made. Learn more about the benefits offered by Snaile Lockers. Visit us online.

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