Improve the School Experience by Improving Mailroom Efficiency

School administrators and teachers have a litany of responsibilities when in their educational workplaces, not the least of which is ensuring student safety and security. Higher education institutions are incorporating new technologies into making students as safe as possible, and that includes adopting school locker storage solutions.

school locker storage solutions

The traditional storage locker stuffed with books and adorned with stickers, pictures and make-up mirrors may be a thing of the past, now that universities, colleges, and even high schools are incorporating commercial smart lockers. COVID-19 measures implemented to enhance student safety from viruses are now turning into evergreen solutions to ensure safety of things like student mail and deliveries to campus.

Outdoor parcel lockers for accepting food orders, for example, have proven to be quite effective and ultimately affordable for education institutions trying new ways to improve the student experience.

More schools and campuses are investing in better student services, and making mail and package delivery available and accessible to students 24/7 is a simple way to offer added convenience to students. When students can retrieve such deliveries on their own time, it helps them better adhere to school schedules and eliminates the need for waiting in long lineups during peak hours traditionally reserved for such things.

School locker storage solutions aid in the secure transfer of many of the following items:

  • Laptops and related computer equipment
  • School equipment on loan (musical instruments, science equipment, cameras, etc.)
  • Clothing and other personal items students may need during the school year
  • Tickets to concerts, sporting events on or off campus, paid speaking events, etc.
  • Materials sent from home for use in their dorm rooms
  • Dining options ordered through school dining platforms and made available for pickup
  • Mail, packages, subscriptions and other items

Commercial smart lockers make parcel management much more efficient and ultimately safer for schools with large student populations, whether they live on campus or attend daily, such as in most high school settings.

One of the most convenient aspects of school locker storage solutions is that the compartments do not have to be dedicated to a single student and, as a result, they can also save space in older facilities where providing lockers for everyone used to be an issue. They can also be used for faculty and student exchanges or in times when students are restricted from attending school on campus due to things like pandemics.

The software at the heart of outdoor parcel lockers and other school locker storage solutions automatically sends notifications to students alerting them that they have an item awaiting collection, and subsequent reminders when their goods and packages have yet to be retrieved after a designated amount of time. Student life can be busy, so having that support system can be a godsend if a package includes medicine, for example.

Locker systems such as those made and distributed by Snaile Lockers can easily be incorporated into school mailrooms to make them more efficient. Mail, parcels and other deliveries are deposited to secure compartments and students are quickly notified via text or email. It’s another simple way educational institutions can add secure technology solutions to their menu of on-campus services. Learn more by visiting Snaile Lockers

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