How Digital Lockers Can Improve the Post-Purchase Experience

If there’s one thing successful businesses know about customer retention it’s that customer service shouldn’t end once the sale is made. In today’s business environment, when customers are looking for superior service to go along with their preferred price and method of purchase, personalization of the experience is a great way for companies to retain customers, reduce attrition and grow their business. That’s true when it comes to the purchase of retail smart lockers.

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Enhancing the Post Purchase Experience for Click and Collect Lockers

Retailers are already savvy when it comes to leveraging the impact of BOPIS (buy online pickup in store) solutions on their business. Companies that incorporate BOPIS lockers have taken the first step to adapting their businesses to the new consumer demands.

These self-service solutions are becoming more popular in multiple industries, but particularly in retail. Personalization of the experience certainly provides opportunity for retailers to drive loyalty with their BOPIS customers. For example, imagine if a customer went to pick up their order from a store where retail smart lockers are in play and on the display screen was personal message: “Hello Stephen, thanks for choosing Bob’s Electronics.

We hope you enjoy your new laptop.” Personally branding any customer notifications is a very simple yet effective way to improve the customer experience once the purchase has been made.

Such simple message notifications are easily programmed into retail smart lockers. There are reasons why implementing a post-purchase strategy for any client purchasing click and collect locker systems. These include:

  • Galvanizing brand loyalty- Anything you can do to demonstrate to customers you care about their business will go a long way to proving your company actually does care. Think about the personal relationships to which you are most loyal. Someone has done a good job proving that to you.
  • Lowering the cost of acquiring new customers- It’s takes a lot less effort to retain a customer than it does to get one. However, you should put lots of effort into retention because those loyal customers are the ones who help you generate most of your revenue.
  • Improve your review rating- Consumers are becoming much more savvy when it comes to who they give their business to. If you’re online reviews are terrible, chances are customers are being turned away from trying your business.
  • Gain valuable data on your customers- What your customers are saying about you is good information for you to use when building out the strategic plan for your business. Customers can be sincere in their opinions; it’s always important to weed out the trolls or the competitors trying to tank your business. However, don’t ignore all the comments; they may offer valuable insight.

Work with Snaile Retail Smart Lockers to Ensure Product Quality

Before you can work on improving the post-purchase experience for your customers, you have to secure customers who like your products. When you use Snaile retail smart lockers, you’re providing a great service to your customers. Learn more about the many different product options available from Snaile Lockers.

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