How Digital Lockers are Revolutionizing Package Delivery for College Students

Campus services are critical to students in post-secondary environments because they’re often new to the area and need help balancing their studies with their student life. Helping students with asset management, package deliveries, and secure storage options is just the beginning of the ever-growing needs for college and university students. One important tool schools can use is the installation of smart lockers to provide school locker storage solutions.
school locker storage solutions

The Many Benefits of Smart Lockers for Schools

Campus parcel locker suppliers like Snaile Locker know the many benefits students can enjoy when there is a bank of digital lockers available for their use. Here are some of the ways students on college and university campuses can utilize the technology to improve their student services.

  • Secure sharing of technology. Sharing tech amongst students related to classroom study and lab requirements is easier when smart lockers are incorporated into the process. Rather than have an archaic manual sign out system, computers, lab instruments, cameras, and other items can be placed inside a locker and be retrieved by the next user at their own convenience.
  • Better tracking. The digital technology built into today’s school locker storage solutions can track when the locker was opened, who opened it, and when items were returned. Such smart lockers for schools can generate reports and accumulate data that is helpful for school administrators to see how lockers are being used.
  • Non-contact transactions. Whether it’s a library locker being use to share books or a general use locker that students can use for delivery of food, items from home, or online shopping, the smart lockers help facilitate non-contact transactions. Even though COVID-19 protective measures have been reduced students are still cautious and non-contact transactions facilitate through locker use is a good idea especially during flu season.
  • Versatility of design and installation. Most of the smart lockers are modular designs which means they can be installed, stacked, and combined in a multitude of different styles that can best suit the needs of students on campus. Whether they’re sized for larger items and deliveries or combined with smaller lockers for food and online orders, there is no limit to the style and functionality that can be built into the design.
  • Adds a secure method of distributing packages. Regardless of where the lockers are located, the security features provide peace of mind to students who may be receiving medicine, packages from home, new devices, or online orders. The security feature is much better than having a package dropped off at the dormitory door or the front porch of your off-campus residence.
  • Increased efficiency. An old-school mail room is no match for the efficient, modular design and integrated technology of a digital school locker. The secure lockers mean such delivery hubs are kept clean and organized.

Snaile Lockers Offer School Campuses Exceptional Choice

No matter how big the student population or the variety of needs being addressed, Snaile Lockers are a welcome addition to help improve package delivery on campus. Find out all the ways Snaile lockers can help improve student services. Visit Snaile online.

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