Essential Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Package Locker Solution for Your Apartments

As a property manager or rental apartment complex owner, there are times you will need to upgrade your building’s amenities and services in order to fully address occupant needs.

With the increase in online shopping driven by prolific e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, and the necessity of shopping from home during the pandemic, more residents are receiving home delivery of packages than ever before. To properly provide tenants with the security they need to facilitate such purchases, property managers may need to consider investing in apartment package lockers.

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Addressing the Need for Condo Parcel Lockers

Smart locker solutions for condos and apartment buildings are quickly becoming commonplace, however, parcel lockers can represent a big investment for property owners. To ensure the right decision is made when shopping around, asking vendors these essential questions is critical before selecting any apartment package lockers.

1) What are the best condo parcel lockers for my needs? In order for a vendor to properly answer that, a property manager will need to know an approximate number of packages the residential community typically receives each day, how many individuals the apartment package lockers will be servicing, what space is available for an installation, and what budget there is to purchase.

A property manager can then ask the vendor questions to determine whether there are accessibility features for residents who may have special needs, whether they’re self-serve or require oversight from building personnel, and what number of compartments might be required to properly address the needs of the respective buildings.

2) How do your smart locker solutions for condos address safety and security concerns? You will need clear answers from the vendor on whether the lockers have cameras, whether they use security codes, how data is protected, are they weather-proof, are they refrigerated, are they compatible with all delivery carriers, and most of all, do they provide enough protection against theft? Residents will need to know how to retrieve their packages and what system will be used to inform them that packages have arrived.

This is a critical line of questioning to pose to all vendors you might be considering. You should also investigate their knowledge about, and compliance with, privacy and security regulations specific to your region. By selecting a Canadian company such as Snaile, you can rest assured that your residents’ privacy and security is of paramount importance and that your vendor is well-versed in regional legislation and entirely PIPEDA compliant.

3) Can the technology and design provide long-term ROI? For a property manager or owner to invest in upgrades that serve residents, they have to be receiving long-term value. There’s no point installing apartment package lockers if they’re going to be obsolete in a year or two. It’s important to ask all vendors if the lockers are scalable, will they be expensive to service, and what kind of customer satisfaction residents can expect through their use.

Snaile Lockers Offer Exceptional Value to Property Managers

Multi-residential customers are the core market for SNAILE PARCEL LOCKERS. The residents who use them benefit from seamless access to their deliveries from lockers and secure parcel rooms in condos, apartment buildings, high-rise towers, and other multi-residential environments. Snaile lockers are Canadian-made and fully compliant with Canadian regulations. Before you buy, connect with Snaile Lockers.

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