How Automated Lockers Help Businesses Manage Costs

As 2020 progresses and businesses attempt to recover from a worldwide economic shutdown, the question posed again and again is: When will things get back to normal? The truth is, things may never be the way that they were. In fact, the very way businesses operate has changed to meet the demand for safety and security in this post-pandemic world. It’s a costly transition but some investments made now, such as an indoor or outdoor parcel locker system, can have a huge impact on operating costs, moving forward.

outdoor parcel locker

Here are a few ways that organizations, corporations and retailers are using commercial smart lockers to create a safer, more productive and cost-effective environment for customers and staff:

Reduces Direct Contact

A courier locker can directly and immediately help protect the health and wellness of people in your business environment. With Snaile electronic parcel lockers, you work with a team of professionals to configure a system that works best for your commercial operation. An outdoor parcel locker provides optimal safety by allowing customers and staff to access packages without having to enter the building. If you choose to install commercial smart lockers indoors, you can place the lockers in such a way as to reduce contact between users, optimized by the use of spacers, tape or signs encouraging social distancing. Because each locker is used by just one recipient, custodial staff have the opportunity to wipe down the locker before it is reset and reused. Finally, placing a handwashing station or hand sanitizer near the courier locker can virtually eliminate the risk of transmission when customers use the digital keypad.

Improves Bottom Line

E-commerce has created a new demand for immediacy. Consumers can now buy virtually every type of service, food or product online and expect delivery quickly and at little to no cost. With commercial smart lockers, suppliers, distributors and retailers are all able to meet and exceed growing expectations of safe, next-day, contact-free delivery. Great customer service quickly translates into return business and all-important word-of-mouth advertising, and those quickly add up to bigger profits for everyone in the product supply chain. Another way a Snaile courier locker can help boost profits is by giving employees a safer way to process outgoing parcels or retrieve incoming packages. Reducing face-to-face contact can go a long way in stopping the spread of disease and keeping employees safe, cutting down on employee sick time and benefits costs.

From small B2B start-ups large multinational corporations, every business can benefit from investing in Snaile commercial smart lockers. Placed in customer service centres, mailrooms, delivery and distribution areas, as well as co-working spaces, your management, staff and customers can all benefit from a safer, more reliable way to send and retrieve packages.

Canadian-made, fully integrated, compliant with Canada’s PIPEDA laws and available in multiple dimensions and configurations, there is a Snaile courier locker solution available for every size business and every industry.

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