Five Reasons to Install Apartment Parcel Lockers

The condo and apartment markets are seeing a noticeable rise in demand for digital amenities. “Smart” features allow residents to control lights, locks, heat, AC, entertainment and even window blinds from their phone or tablet. Parcel lockers for apartments top the list of must-have digital amenities for the multi-residential market. If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should install apartment parcel lockers, the following points may help you to make the smart move:

Snaile Lockers

Location: Contactless residential parcel lockers can be installed virtually anywhere. The first spot to consider is the apartment lobby, where couriers have easy access to deliver parcels without having to enter the building or deal one-to-one with the concierge. If your building is equipped with a mailroom, existing mailboxes can easily be upgraded using touchless parcel lockers for condos. Also consider the many other common areas in your building where residents would benefit from the security and convenience of using smart lockers: in gyms, meeting rooms, laundry areas, parking garages and even rooftop patio space.

Security: As Canada’s parcel locker company, Snaile is committed to providing an unprecedented level of security for your building and the people within. Every unit is built with industry-leading materials and systems, from bank-grade keypads and industrial touchscreens to integrated cameras and content sensors.

24-7 Accessibility: One of the benefits users appreciate most is the worry-free convenience provided by parcel lockers for apartments. Deliveries can be dropped off and retrieved at any time, day or night, with no signature required, eliminating the need for residents to run down to the lobby, or for couriers to enter the premises to obtain a signature. And with right-height touchscreen, raised dots on keypads and settings that can prevent parcels from being stored out of reach, Snaile lockers are fully compliant with the Canadian Disabilities Act.

Versatility: Snaile contactless residential parcel lockers come in a variety of configurations and can be adapted to fit any space: from small modules for daily mail delivery to extra-large compartments that can accommodate a weekly grocery delivery. Plus, with a choice of more than 200 colour options, they can be customized to blend beautifully with your existing space.

Integrated Technology: Snaile’s open API easily integrates with existing property management systems such as Yardi, 1VALET and Condo Control Central to create an instant link between the parcel locker’s directory of municipal delivery addresses and tenant electronic contact information. Plus, Snaile provides ongoing support and on-site Customer Integration Specialists for the first few days of going live.

Still not sure if parcel lockers for apartments are the right option for your building? Speak with one of our associates to learn more and receive a no-obligation estimate.

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